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India, a land of contrast

Cours : India, a land of contrast. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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India is quite known for his tradition, hinduism, Taj Mahal and Bollywood. But India is also a Land of contrasts, we can see a lots of inequalities... For example in social classes, there is the untouchables, the poorest people in society ; and the Brahmins, the richest, with a lot of power.

But in this inequally country we ask ourself :

Is India will be the next super power ?

We'll gonna use all the documents seen in class but mostly two and I'm gonna give example in a personnal document.

First we will say, why maybe it's possible that India will be the next superpower, and after, it's what i think ; why India will not be a superpower or not the next.

For a lot of people India will be the next superpower because there is a lot of evolution of mentalities.

In the document Young Indians get a chance to have a say before « I do » we see that things are evolving thanks to internet and match making website, because more and more young people  have acces to semi arranged marriages, who is much better than before. And educated young indians want to have a say in the choice of their spouse.

So this document show that mentalities are changing in a very good way

I'd would like to talk also about the video : The Behl family in a 2 store, 4 bedrooms house with a small garden. 

So we see a stay-at-home mother who cook for her husband and son (who's in highschool). Amu, the mother (an educated woman) feels privileged so she help the maid's childrens by sending them to school  

In the video Slum vs Shelters we see an oraganisation called Shelters who tries to keep people off the street by providing shelters, which are governement-funded.

Now an example of what's possible to found today with India's booming economy, the case of suhas a 20 years old boy who has already created his own software company : Global Inc. He started when he was 14 with a small computer. This document is a CBS reportary.

And now I'm gonna talk about the video 8 REASON WHY INDIA WILL RULE THE  WORLD IN 2050. So first India is the second largest army in the world, second India is one of the 9 select few that have nuclear option. thirdly India has a very large economic growth. fourth huge population with 500m workers and in case of crisis there is a endless supply of workers (that's a huge impact). And more reasons like population growth, his prediction is that india population will keep growing while china's population will decline. And also India is the world larger supplier ICT. The most important for him : the democracy ! And last but not least is the « Under-dog », no one is paying attention to India today but one day they will overcome every other country !

So now I'm gonna explain my point of view : Why for me it's not possible. First I want to come back on the last document. First it reminds me kind of « fake news » video, with a loud voice and epic music, without sources... But for me the resons are not sufficient like for example the 500m of workers, ok it's find in case of crisis, but the condition are awnful (the collapse building of HM) and the population growth, it will not decrease the poverty !

So we will talk about poverty, a reason why for me that india will not be the next superpower !


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