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Les régulations écolières (Anglais)

Dissertation : Les régulations écolières (Anglais). Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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School rules are usually associated with classroom management and school  discipline. However, rules also define a way of thinking about oneself and the world. Rules are guidelines for future actions even outisde school grounds therefore creating moral values in students. Discipline is an important component of human behavior, and one could say that without it,an organization cannot function well toward the achievement of its goals. An interesting study would be to assess the impact of school rules and regulations on a students perception toward promoting good behavior. In short, schools and universities, are the most important places in ones young years, most students have not become adults in the proper sense, as in they haven’t yet had the opportunity to be self-sufficient and responsible for they’re actions. Evidently, before taking the step to adulthood, students must be aware that they live in a society and must know how to act for the global benefit of their peers. This rules foster communication and cooperation among the satff and the students by adopting a legal framework to establish policies.

Even though, Enderun establishes a lenghty, explicit and strict codes of conducts outlining permissible and impermissible behavior for all aspects of daily school life, they are designed to promote peace and productivity and cover important issues regarding student safety and security. I appreciate the subtle rules, most of all the requirement for all students to carry an ID card. Bearing responsibility for the cards develops a sense of responsibility for the students and also keeps them safe. Also regarding safety, the most appreciated policy , is the scheduled evacuation and and emergency plans for weather events and fire drills. Other rules establish productive learning environments. These rules, such as dress codes, prohibit distracting attire that might jeopardize other sutdents learning experiences. Also,school uniforms give students a sense of identity. I believe everyone would have the same feeling as I do. When I see someone wearing the same uniform, I feel familiar to them since we belong to the same school. It preapres us for a professional future, and gets us used to the idea of a “job uniform”. Even though there are upsides to a dress code in school, I must also contest the idea of it and propose that students should not be obligated to wear a full suit. The definition of a uniform is clothing worn by students to identify themselves as a student from a particular school. However, there is absolutely no need to wear a uniform as it suppresses individualism and does not give students the freedom to express themselves. Traditionally, uniforms may have been widely accepted in society, but now times have changed. In modern age, teenagers are encouraged to express their unique ideas and way of presenting themselves. School uniforms directly contradict this. Also, most uniforms are uncomfortable and bring distractions to students. Research has shown that in countries where schools do not have uniforms, casual wear has a much more positive psychological effect on students. They can learn and concentrate better! One may say uniforms promote a sense of belonging (as I stated previously), but that is not fully true. A sense of belonging comes from your heart and not your appearance. If schools want students' identification, why not just ask them to show their student ID card?


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