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Petite présentation de George Marshall (documente en anglais)

Discours : Petite présentation de George Marshall (documente en anglais). Recherche parmi 279 000+ dissertations

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Today, we’ll present you one of the most important figure of the United States, George Marshall. He is famous for the European Recovery Program or the Marshall Plan but not only. Today, he symbolizes the courage and the peace after the Second World War. And it’s for what we think he must be the next person to be curved on the mount Rushmore!

Moreover, He isn’t, as many state dignitaries are, issue from the upper class. Indeed, his father had a small coal business in Pennsylvania and, due to the money problems of his family, he wont enter in the United States Military Academy but in the Virginia Military Institute. But in spite of these difficulties, he has been quickly promoted to the higher grades, from Second Lieutenant to General of the Army regulations appointed by the Congress and the President Roosevelt himself. So we can say that he symbolizes the American Success.

We have to notice that, if he was curved in the mount Rushmore, George Marshall would be the only representative of the 20th century that has been marked by two bloody World Wars, the economical crisis of 1929 and many massacres. The nature of this time intensifies the qualities and the patriotism of Marshall.

But he has also displayed a great heroism and solidarity: we have to remember that George Marshall was behind a very ambitious plan to rebuild Europe after war. As soldier and after Secretary of State, he had the opportunity to discover many countries (especially the China) and he participated in many international conferences like Yalta or Potsdam. In this way, he represents the altruism and the international influence of the United States.


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