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Biographie en anglais de James Butler Hickok

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ames Butler Hickok ( from May 27 . 1837 of Angust 2 . 1876 )

. He nickname was Wild Bill was a figure in the American Old West . His skills as a gunfighter and scout , along with his reputation as lawman , provided the basis for his fame , al trough some of his exploits are fictionalized

. Wild Bill was bon in homer , Illinois at present ( or now ) Troy Grove on May 27, 1837 . His birthplace is nox the wild bill hickok memorial a listed historic site . He has learned shooting from his father's farm . Hickok was a good shooter from very young age and recognized locally as an outstanding marksman with guns.Wild Bill was generally of a shooter and a great poker player .

July 12, 1861, he participated in a memorable shootout at the Rock Creek Station in Nebraska. David C. McCanlies, former owner of the station, trying to regain by force as the company "Russell, Majors & Waddell" refused to pay


During the American Civil War (1861-1865), he enlisted in the Union Army. There he earned his nickname of Wild Bill for his heroic actions.

In 1866 he became deputy sheriff in Fort Riley, Kansas. There is no long a small anecdote: In late 1867, he entered a saloon. 4 men begin to mock him. He killed three and left the 4th with a bit of playing less.

In 1869, Wild Bill worked as a sheriff in Hays City, Kansas. It was after he killed three soldiers gone, fearing the vengeance of their captain - Custer's brother - and other soldiers stationed nearby. After spending some time with his friend William Cody (Buffalo Bill), he took the job of sheriff, Abilene, Kansas. Again, he plays a little too much with his pistols and must leave after inadvertently killing his deputy


On August 2, 1876, Wild Bill plays poker at Number 10, in Deadwood Nuttall. There he was killed in the back by one Jack McCall


. This is Homer near chicago

.This image there is the portrait of Wild Bill and the time or is killed by Jack McCall has a poker party

he had golden hair

his hair was golden, long. imposing a mustache

they said that his nose was a nose scan


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