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The American Ambivalence Toward Immigration ( Both Legal & Illegal)

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Deuxième séance 17/02/11

The American ambivalence toward immigration ( both legal & illegal)

The schizophrenic of US isn’t new. When economy is booming, immigration is not a problem because new jobs are created. We need manpower. America privileges “Open-door” policies.

For example the 1660, it was a big booming.

When the economy is in crisis, immigrants are not welcome. There has been a lot of distrust and fear to the immigrants.

The positive aspect of the presence of immigrants:

The first reasons are economic. Because immigrants are essentials to the economy and especially in sectors that require seasons workers and hard jobs and long jobs. Immigrants accept job that Americans refuse : Low-skilled, blue collar jobs in agriculture, construction, restaurants & hotels, textile mils, domestic work, meatpacking…

Many immigrants have skills & education & expertise. In California’s Silicon Valley &1/4 of engineers and computer programmers are from India or China. In Americans hospitals, many nurses come from the Philippines and we can find many doctors from India.

American needs immigrants for hard jobs and the need for skills immigrant for their development.

A lot of newcomers accept to work for “nothing”, low wages, the price of goods and services remains low.

Immigrants legal or illegal are all consumers: they start up businesses, and buy goods and services.

The second category is demographic advantage. People who, leave their own country are younger than native born Americans, they revitalize the population.

Natives Fears

Mostly, people who work in blue coller jobs are the more fear., Americans who are at the bottom of social economic estimation too. Also, radical politicians, like Patric Buchaman (equivalence le Front National). Glenn Beck has a lot of influence on the medias like BBC. People like this are fueled by the fear of the immigrations waves.

People feel that immigrants take too much jobs of native-born workers. Also, they are accused of creating unfair competition with Americans by accepting lower wages. And they are by the same way accused of boosting the underground economy.

There are also social fears. Many Americans considers immigrants as parasites who takes advantage of the social protection system, depend heavily on welfare, strain community services (schools, hospitals, housing…) and increase American’s taxes.

The fear is also cultural. The sauce which is the most outsole is the Hot Salsa and the name the most given to the new-born is “José”.

The last reason is linked to the terrorism. 9/11: many Americans thinks that their country is too open and welcoming.

Who is right? Let’s keep it in perspective.

The first false point is that immigrants are parasites. Illegal immigrants don’t take advantages of the social advantages on the wealth system, it’s logical, they have to be invisible.

The second false point is that immigrants are taking jobs of the Native Americans.

But, it is true that immigrants take advantages of the cheep manpower. So it’s really ambivalent.

In California, for instance, the presence of immigrants raised the price of taxes. The average American household pays an extra of 1,200$ a year.


Over the long term, the benefits of immigration outweigh the initial costs. Yet immigration is more costly for Sunbelt states ( CA,AZ,NM,TX).

The immigration statistics are enormous. They are similar to the immigration that took places 100 years ago. They have mix feelings. Yet, inspite of this ambivalence, a survey that taken in 2009, showed that nearly two third of Americans said that they wanted illegal immigrants to become Americans citizens. Find a solution provided these illegal immigrants have a job in the US, paid taxes and pass a Backbrown check. And 16 % think the US should still be a welcoming nation for the

How become American citizen: need for the green card for be citizen. It takes many years.

For become citizen we must have live in the US regularly for five years, than you can apply for citizenship.

Or we can have an American relative, it takes a time but we don’t need for a Green Card.

The third option is to be born is the US. Than there is a ceremony is which new American are answered about the history, the politic, and they have to testify on the oath that they are good persons (not criminal, not a drug dealer…). And the last thing, at the end of the serment is to say “ So Help me God”.

Quatrième séance 10/3

Entertainment, Sports & politic are the domains where the black americans are popular.

Yet progression has been stagnant since 1980s.

- 15 to 20 ù drop out of High School.

Only 18% hastheBachelordegree( white30%)

1965_1972 Affimative action: to reedy past discrimination, policies are set up to help minorities enter college and the job marer.

The Glass Ceiling (plafond de verre) : Few blacks are wealthy: only 15% of black households have incomes over $ 75,000 a year.

African Americans in congress: Representatives (435) = 46 Senator (50)= 0!

In political, we takl about Marbre Ceiling for thediscrimination.

Statistics are stubborn.

Black People are underrepresented.

In the US prejugies are still really presents. There has been are survey that revaled a really surprising conclusion: some employers prefer to employ ex-white-prisoner than an black with no tribunal records. THEY ARE BIASED.

In the media, we can also feel this descrimination. In the same kind of picture we have two points of view. The black man is LOOTING when


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