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The Amish

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The Amish

With the increase of technology, some people decided to don't use this technology and created a new concept : Amish life.

The Amish life consist to escape the technology and the modern city and live according to the will of Jesus since the 1950's. They live in group, with a leader. They work on their farms with old tools, in consequences, they loose in speed but gains in the joy of living. In their communities, there are a limit of the technology they can use and so, they can work slowly and they can work longer. Moreover they shared the work at the farm and created a good ambiance of work. They use simple way of farming, and they pass their knowledge of farming to the next generation and find their happiness of the work with family. By not forgetting the amish reject modern life but they use old technology what was then new technology in the past but today the amish would like to do another people with no technolgy and this is very incredible big because Life, understood as a creative movement, is not only responsible for the creation of biological species. It is also the creator of society, because the human species can only survive in society. Life in society presupposes, on the one hand, a set of habits and, on the other, people who are confident enough in the future to make collective projects and not to be selfishly divided. Morality is the system of habits that allows social life, while religion ensures the trust of people living in society. It does so against the risk of social dissolution due to intelligence through prohibitions and taboos by inhibiting man against actions “perceived as socially dangerous.”44 By the fabula function


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