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The idea of progress : the cas of Amish

Discours : The idea of progress : the cas of Amish. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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Nowadays, our world is in progress, new discovers and new technologies appear. But what is the progress? Progress, it’s all innovations and discovers which we make. These innovations are improving our life in many field such as in medicine, environment and also in sport. However can we say no to progress? For answered this question, we will see the negative points of the progress and then we will talk about this positive points.

Nowadays, some people refuse to use new technologies, as the case of Amish. These people live without any technologies such as electricity, cars or electronic devices. They wear old clothes, have old traditions and old style of life. The Amish people reject progress since they aren’t included in rules of them. Moreover, they don’t use technology as they are afraid of losing their sense of community and of being too much connected. With the example of Amish people, we can say no to progress but in my opinion, it’s a style a life too difficult because we have the habit to use this technology.

A long time ago, sportsmen practise sport for the pleasure but it’s not the case today. Sport become an enterprise, a way to make money and sportsmen can use drugs to improve their performance and capacities and thanks to this, they look like a monster. For me, progress isn’t a good thing in this field.

And also, new technologies are not especially good for environment and create a lot of pollution. For example, nuclear reactors, rubbishes … are a problem and they are linked with the development of new technologies and innovations. In my opinion, in this way, we can say no to progress.

Despite these drawbacks, the technologies have many positive points and even saved life as in medicine. Indeed, progress in medicine has saved millions of people. Thanks to these advances, the vaccination has permitted to eradicate some diseases, antibiotics allow to cure illness every day. New techniques have emerged as laparoscopy is thanks to this technologies, patient can go home more quickly and suffer less. The detection of cancers or attacks is possible due to the medical imaging. Now organ transplant is possible. The antiretroviral therapy exist and permit patients suffering from HIV to live a normal life. In my opinion, it’s impossible to say no to progress in this case, this technologies save and improve life of million people.

Furthermore, since the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of new innovations appears especially TV in 1970, computer in 1981 and cell phones in 1990. To my mind, just with these three important and big innovations, we can’t say no to progress and live without these innovation is very difficult.

And today, our rights have evolved a lot since the 18th century. Indeed, new rights have emerged and allowed us to have more and more freedom. We can first of all, quote the freedom of expression, it allows an individual to make known the product of his intellectual activity to his entourage. For me, it’s an important progress. Indeed, now you are more and more free and it’s a good thing. It’s what is why, that I cannot say no to progress.

To conclude, for me, despite these few negative points, for me progress is beneficial to society especially in the medical community. And that's why, I cannot refuse to progress.


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