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Capital punishment is not justice.

Dissertation : Capital punishment is not justice.. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Capital punishment is not justice

Canada’s abolition of the Death Penalty has long been the subject of discussions for various parties. Many civilians agree that capital punishment is effective and justified. Canada has declined sending prisoners on death row and is opting for a better solution, to put them behind bars for life. Sometimes an eye for an eye, leaves the whole world blind.

The majority of civilians agree that the criminals in federal prisons are not suffering the consequences they deserve for the crimes they have committed. However, while some may claim that the death penalty is an acceptable punishment, it is actually more of a reward. Criminals who are sentenced to life in prison face a much more severe punishment than those who are executed. Death is an easy way out for many. (RW). Life in prison allows for the criminal to be punished without disrupting their rights to life and allows for rehabilitation. Death in this case is nothing more than a form of freedom and release from paying for their mistakes. Executing the offenders will not bring the victim's back. Executing the offenders will also not let them reflect on what they might have done and it will certainly not bring us justice. (REP) A lifetime of incarceration might be the best option.

The cost for trials in which execution may be the outcome are very high. According to cases without a death sentence cost on average 740 000$ while cases with the death penalty cost around 1.26 million dollars. When a person is wrongfully convicted, the government will have spent millions of dollars and ultimately have taken an innocent life. (Prog). If the jury makes a mistake, there is no way to reverse it. Death is an irreversible punishment, we can compensate someone incarcerated, but we can never give someone back the life they have lost due to possible faulty evidence in their favor. According to, 75 percent of Canadians are against the death penalty due to their concerns of a wrong conviction that leads to death. Unfortunately, mistakes like this have happened and will continue to happen if the death penalty is reinstated. Like every other civilian, we wish ill on these criminals, but we do not want an innocent person to be killed in their place. (AS)

The death penalty is society’s revenge, but how is killing someone for killing someone supposed to teach us that killing is bad? (CON). Capital punishment leaves room for error, but some still refuse to believe it, everyone has a right to live, even lowlife criminals. According to many individuals, such as Desmond T. “To take a life when a life has been taken is revenge, not justice.”


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