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Marketing Communications Mix

Analyse sectorielle : Marketing Communications Mix. Recherche parmi 293 000+ dissertations

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Marketing Communications Mix to be used to create an impact on the prospective customers of the 4:1 concentrate:

• ADVERTISING: Consumer advertising for the 4:1 concentrate would focus on green themes and ease of use. Promotion strategies also include the incentives to the retailers in the form of 9% profit margins. This would entice the retails furthermore and would thus be eligible for more rack space.

• PERSONAL SELLING: Company’s sales force would be buckled up for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships. They would be required to increase the already available customer base of MJ Brener and further penetrate the potential market.

• SALES PROMOTION: For enhancing sales, at the initial stage of the product launch, the 4:1 concentrate would be offered as a complementary product with the Dilute Sprayer. This would be aimed as spreading awareness about the product among the existing users of the dilute sprayer.

• DIRECT MARKETING: Promotion-On-Wheels would be one method to enhance visibility. These promotional vehicles would be demonstrating the convenience with which the 4:1 concentrate could be used.

• PUBLIC RELATIONS: The focus would be on enhancing the blurring image of the company by setting up feedback registering system which would be a platform for customers to provide a feedback for the MJ Brener’s products. This would be in the form of a small questionnaire to be filled up by the customers while purchasing the products.


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