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Comment choisir les bons candidats ? (texte en anglais)

Dissertation : Comment choisir les bons candidats ? (texte en anglais). Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Diapo 1 – how to choose the right candidate

Today, we'd like to talk about how to choose the right candidate for a job .

We are in economic crisis period and high unemployment that means that People who are looking for a job are More than the jobs exists in the job market .

During the meeting, the employer has a wide choice , but he has to take the best one .

Diapo 2 – which criteria...

In Fact, which criteria can guide the employer choosing the right candidate?

  What are the motivations of the director ? Are they relevant?

Diapo 3 – basic criteria and state of minds

Firstly, we are going to see the basic criteria of a good employee .

And then, we will move on and talk about some states of mind that we should banish in choosing the candidates.

So, lets start with the basic criteria of a good candidate

we are going to illustrate this part through a dialogue between an employer and an employee .

(Diaporama 4 – The basic criteria of a good employee - Ms. Raymond the CEO , welcomes Ms. DAVIDSON for an interview about a job in an SME of the export of coffee )

Mr. Davidson : Hello Mr. RAYMOND , I am pleased to meet you.

Mr. R : Okey , what qualification do you have ?

Mr. D : I'm graduated in Master of Economics in International Management

Mr. R ; I need to know what you really know , what did you retained during your course ? Your speciality is International Management ?

Did you make any training ? What you have learned ?

Mr. D : Yes , of course , I have learned during this five year Des maitrises logistiques , languages ..

Mr. R : Ok Ok , It was just to ask about this , If I decide to choose you , you will be tested anyway.

Do you have an experience of a certain period  ? so you will be able to accomplir your work even if you have to deal with difficult situations ?

Mr. D : I... Not really

Mr. R : Okey , why should I choose you ?

Mr. D : I have the characteristics  of an effective employee , I have the necessary motivation to be the most qualified .

I have the charisma needed to trade with our suppliers customers.

I know the impact of the current crisis , but you can be sure that Im profitable for your business .

Mr. R : Go Into this office Please .

( Diaporama 5 – a GOOD Candidate is … )

Here, in this Dialogue , the employer knows what exactly he wants and what he is looking for in a candidate , so his questions describe a good candidate for a job.

But , sometimes the boss can choose someone for the wrong reasons.


*It's doesn't mean if we were rejected that we are not good , but the employers have a lot of good candidates , so when he need to choose only one , of course the rest will be rejected , that's can be one of the reasons when we are rejected . ( but just that


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