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Style de gestion chinois (document en anglais)

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I’d like to start by welcoming you all here today. My name is LIAO Zheng and I’am a cinenes student of faculty jean monet. The purpose of this presentation is to give you a bref introductiont to the Chinese management style.

So, let me begain by giving you an outline of my talk today. First of all, I’ll talk aboat the basic theorie of tranditonal chinese management. Then I’ll talk abaut the leadership structure based around CCP(Chinese Communist Party). Finally, I’ll talk abaut the service management in chinese reataurant.

Right. Let’s start by looking at the basic theorie of trandional chinese management. Management in China is still deeply influenced by Confucian values, passed down from one generation to the next through family socialization. The core idea of Confucius is the Golden Mean , it tells people not to be too aggressive nor too conservative, neither the left nor the right..This is the origin of our peaceful foreign policy.

In addition,the Cooperation based on obedience,It is like a top‐down system. The subordinates are expected to yield to the managers and fully comply with their instructions. The managers are accustomed with this kind of hierarchy, although in China it is referred as“cooperation”.Just like the relationship between parents and children, children should rely on their parents and parents do not think that their children are mature enough to take responsibilities.

So, let’s move on to the next part:the leadership structure based around CCP(Chinese Communist Party). The greatest difference in organizational structure between most Chinese enterprise and Western companies is that there are parallel management systems in a Chinese enterprise:1.administrative system;2,leadership structure based around CCP(Chinese Communist Party)

Chinese state-owned enterprises, there is a special department Party Committee, Party secretary is the most powerful figure. Typically speaking ,that party committees plays many roles, such as HR. Most Enterprises cadres appointment is determined by the party, wich means the party committees has more power than the board of directors, and in many companies is also chairman of the party secretary colleagues.The Chinese state-owned enterprises absolutely needs an effective and qualified leader and team, in order to guarantee the management . In other words, a qualified leader and an effective team are the two essential cornerstones of management; meanwhile the management is to decide on the ‘lifespan’ of Chinese restaurant. I’d like to move on to the Organizational Functions –A small society .The function of a SOE: “a large family”. Most enterprises in China not only provide their employee with working opportunities and salaries, but must also offer a full array of material necessities, including medical insurance, housing, childcare, schooling and entertainment. It plays an extensive role in both the professional and private lives of their employees.

The function of a manager must be like a parent.As the enterprise is regarded as a “large family”,

the general manager is naturally assumed as a “parent”.Actually, managers are respected as the head of family by the employees. In return, managers must take care of employees.

Ok then.


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