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Anglais: rapport de stage dans une entreprise

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Rapport de stage Anglais During my first year of my two-years I started my work placement in a real estate company . The company was created by Michel Martin in 1994 . The firm is in the city-center of paris . The sector of activity is real estate . My mission is during the last 6 weeks to take care of a rental and and replaces the sales assistant who has just left . My tasks is had to do were varied ( publicity, switchboard (i had to answer the custumers' question on the phone) ,acompaniment of locations with the director , introduction of softwares  The working hours were the usual 9h30 to 5 ones and i do not travel time because the firm is in my building. The atmosphere is pleasant in the company, my supervisor is serious ,nice and professional . The positive aspects are that work placement gives me a overview of the profession of estate agent


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