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Anglais: rapport de stage, stage ayant eu lieu dans l'entreprise Orange Business Services

Dissertation : Anglais: rapport de stage, stage ayant eu lieu dans l'entreprise Orange Business Services. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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1. Introduction

I found the job where I am currently working thanks to the school. The training center sent my application to a lot of partner. A week later, a manager of Orange Business Services (O.B.S.) Agency called me to fix an appointment. A few days later, the same manager told me that she agreed to integrate me into the company as a trainee. I started working in September and my integration was really good. On my first day, I was really pleased to see that the manager of the department organized a breakfast which enabled me to know the persons who work in the same department.

2. Introducing the company

The business where I’m working is an agency named Orange Business Services. This agency belongs to the group France Télécom, a French company of telecommunication founded in 1988. The commercial brand of France Télécom is Orange. France Télécom markets and develops three different families of Services.

First the residential services of communication which include the fixed telephony, then the personal services of communication which is the mobile phone telephony and the services of communication for companies. I am in an agency which offers the third family of services which is services of communication for companies (O.B.S. offers different services as security mobility, voice video and consulting services over 220 countries). O.B.S. is an entity of France Télécom group born of the merger of different subsidiaries. It was created in 2006.

The agency where I’m working is located in Lyon. It is divided into 11 departments and the agency employed 400 people (technician, salesmen, sales assistant …) I work as a sales assistant in the sale department (there are two others activities in the department : Public Market ant the contract’s pole).

Concerning the future of the agency, I think it will be very good even if the sector of telecommunication is very competitive. We are always getting new client because of the quality of our services and the notoriety. Moreover, O.B.S. offers new products and services to compete with the other actors present on the market.

3. The people in the company

The director of the Agency is Armelle Bourden the director of the department is Virginie Reynard and the manager of the sale department is Agnes Castets who is my current manager. We don’t see often the director of the Agency I just met her one time because there were a presentation of the turnover we have to realize this year. Sometimes I have meeting with the manager of the department but I don’t work with her anymore and then I often work with my current manager who is really kind she is accessible and she wants to develop good relation between her and the personal (She always ask to people if they are OK both in their professional and personal life). There is a very good atmosphere between all the employees. All the employees are allowed to wear casual dress even if we have appointments, concerning the break during the day or during the lunch time we can manage our break and schedule. The relationship between the employees is really good we are always communicating together, giving help or advices.

In general we also have good relationship with our customer because they have a whole team who work for them (2 salesmen 1 or 2 sales assistant it depends of the


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