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E-Mail Your Answer To Your Boss In English

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01th February, 2012

At Hamilton, Canada.

Dear Mr Crowbar,

I studied about the better means of transport that we use to our major order and I've collected the following informations. As you will see I propose to you four assumptions.

Firstly, we can use transport by road. The advantages of these means of transport are the low cost, the facility of the service and the "door-to-door". But the disadvantages are very considerable because of traffic jams, accidents risks, delays or problems at borders. It's also a handy mean of transport of almost all kind of goods except heavy bulky goods.

Secondly, we have the possibility to send the major order by sea. One of the advantages is the same than by the road. Indeed those means of transport are inexpensive. The second advantage is the possibility to cover long distances. We can ship almost everything like massive volume of goods. On the contrary, as main disadvantage, sea transport is very slow and the goods must be only taken to and from docks at seaports. So it could be complicated to reach some countries.

Then, we have two interesting choices which consist in railway and air transport. Both offer mainly similar advantages but the disadvantages are quite different. We can ship very heavy goods in both means of transport.

But transport by railroad is cheaper than by air. In the two cases and the goods arrive in station only or in airport, not "doors-to-door".

To sum up, I suggest you to choose transport by air. On my opinion even if more expensive than by railway this mean is better because it is safe and fast. After some research on the localization of their enterprise, the result is the following. Indeed, on my opinion, it would be preferable first to deliver goods by road to the airport of Torrento and then to send by plane to Cork's airport which is located about 50 miles from Limerick.

I thank you while waiting for your answer. Wishing you a good stay in China.

Sincerely yours,

Your assistant of management.


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