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Fiche de lecture : Étude de 3 textes. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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These three texts talk about a Gap Year experience. In the texts 1 and 2, two girls decided to make a gap year to discover other countries and other cultures. The first woman who is called Alice Clarfelt has an MA in English from Leeds and decided to go to Africa where she teached about sexual health and HIV/AIDS to young people in the Eastern Cape, South Africa , with the charity SPW. The second woman called Jennifer Davis has made a gap year in a village in Canada in the Arctic Circle. As a teaching assistant , her job was to help out with everything from science to PE lessons. In both villages where the two gappers were, were problems with health. In the village of Alice were problems due to inexistance of contraception and in the village of Jennifer, new borns were affected with foetal alcoholic syndrom which makes physical and mental damages. These two experiences gave to the two woman benefits and learned a new culture. The two woman made a letter to show their motivations, ambitions and competences to made these gap year. The third girl is named Clara, she is now at school and she will graduate next year, she wants to practice a medical profession. She likes volunteering like the two other girls and to discover other cultures. She wants to go to India and be with the young people who are in the poverty.

Differences between the three texts :

Alice took her gap year in the Eastern Capein South Africa and spend nine months teaching about sexual health. Jennifer went to university before her gap year instead of Alice who went to university after her gap year. Clara wasn't graduated, she will be and she wants to have a job in medical services.


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