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Places And Forms Of Power

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Places and forms of power

During this Unit we have studies the notion places and forms of power. So I’m going to talk about this notion. But first of all I would like to say that there are many ways to exercise power, so I decided to represent it through the topic of universities because it represents forms of power which are very interesting. – What are the different forms of power in universities?

In UK when students go to college they already know that they have to pay a lot of money for their studies and it causes conflicts between students and to government. When they arrive at college they may not know that in a certain way the will change so actually money is one of the most known form of power in universities because of the tuition fees.

Paying for education express the culture of UK. In classes we saw a little video witch demonstrate students’ dissatisfaction throward the government, they feel betrayed because the politicians promised that they will never remove the cap but regretfully they did it this wake the roof of students, they go out the streets and expressed their feelings against the government and the tuition fees. Many students can pay for the tuition fees but also the others who take part time of jobs cannot work for their lessons and I think that this is really unfair. Many students don’t have more reasons to going to college. They are separate in two groups one part who this that the tuition fees are vital for UK universities so as long as they pay for it they will have a good degree otherwise they have degrees with little value and that’s a choice. The other part think that tuition fees and really too expensive and many students have to make college longs and then they can’t pay it and it also will reduce the diversity of people in university and adding a separation of classes.

Once in college students are separate from their close relation ships (parents, sisters) and they have to figurate on the image of being far from home. The students have to be autonomous and also living on their own. The universities will help students to discover who they really are. So we focus on a novel named “middle Sex” and it shows the character named chapterV who came back from college and this father and sister realized that he has changed, and this father say that “What is the matter with him?” physically he has changed (his style, beside he has showed his plans for being engineer for anthropology).

This is a good example because the university has all this power upon the students: the money and the emancipations are the most important forms of power in university. They take part in the evolution of becoming an adult.


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