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Nikola Tesla cas

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Nikola Tesla was born on the ten of July in eighteen fifty-six in Smiljan in Austria. As a child, Tesla suffered from a disability that made him see white flashes that were in the form of real objects. But he managed to fight this evil by imagining new images to crush those flashes. At his seventeen years old, he realize that he was able to imagine real objects in his head of unimaginable clarity and touch.

Nikola Tesla immigrated to America in eighteen eighty-four to work with Thomas Edison who is the pioneer of electricity, the inventor of the artificial light but finally they became rivals because Tesla tries to prove to Edison that alternating current was more interesting than the current Edison continues.

Edison even electrocuted an elephant to prove to Tesla that alternating current was very dangerous; it is even due to this "experiment" was invented the electric chair.

But even after that, Tesla ended up winning and alternating current is spreading around the world for telephone, television, computer, and other...

At that time, it was believed that lightning was impossible to reproduce phenomena by man, but by dint of tests and experiments by Tesla, he invented the Tesla coil that produces some of lightning can reach up to thirty meters high, it is from there that his reputation mad scientist stars.

In nineteen thirty-for, he announced to the world his most grandiose invention, the "death ray", a weapon with a ray of particles that it is capable of destroying an object to more than one hundred kilometers away. This is partly because of this that Hollywood made cartoons with Superman as a hero and Tesla as an enemy.

Eventually, Tesla thought that his weapon was too much powerful and decides to send some of his plans in several countries of the world, they will be forced to agree to build the weapon.

While the Second World War broke out, Nikola Tesla died on the seven of January in nineteen forty-three in New York when he was eighty-six years old and most of his patents have been taken by the US Army and put under secret.


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