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Idea of progress: how th wolan's rights evolved in our socity?

Dissertation : Idea of progress: how th wolan's rights evolved in our socity?. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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1 - Introduction

● Today i'm going to talk about the notion "Idea of progress". First of all I would like to define this notion.
● "
The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. A technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place."
● I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme of the social progress with the Women's right.
● I will attempt to answer the question :
How the Women's right evolved in our society ?

2 – Development
In the 19th (nineteen) century, the women was seen as inferior as the men. In fact men had the power over them, they were not treated on an equal footing.
Before while the men worked, women were at home to cook, take care of children ... and more as we can see in this document which is an advertisement of Moulinex. On this document we can see a man offers a machine for cooking at his wife certainly with the money of his job. The man surely comes back from work and he has his eyes on food.
The document shows us than in the past women was just here to serve men. And that's not all because during the past years some women began to work. As we could see on the serie "MADMEN" on the workplace they were also used for serve men because they worked as secretary and the working conditions were not cool with sexism.
However, women did not say their last word. Women started to ask for equality as we can see on the 2
nd document with the slogan "Women of the world unite !". Firstly with the women's vote started without a lot of impact against the government but the more time spent, the more impact it had and finally they got it.
Nonetheless, are women equal to men today ? They have the right to vote, it's normal if they work. Even so there are still inequalities for exemple in the work place with the "Glass ceiling" which are an invisible barrier who can't promoted women because of their gender. Indeed, on average the women's salary represents 80% of the men salary for the same job in addition the "glass ceiling" prevents women to climb in the ladder of the society.
Without forgetting the stereotype that started from the youngest ages as we can see on this document where we can see a boy and a girl in front of costumes. The little boy is happy with the costumes of superhero, ninja.. But the girl in the cartoon seems unhappy compared to the boy. Costumes that encourage young girls to sexualize themselves are everywhere. This cartoon show us the division between girls and boys. The sadest is than at work. Some jobs are said for a type of gender, for exemple fireman for man and nurse for women but less and less people are influenced by the rules of these gendered jobs.
Moreover, if we can speak about progress in occidental countries, what about women’s rights in Oriental countries for example ? In many families, girls are considered as
houseworkers and can’t go to school and learn like boys. But people in Orient fight against it like Malala, a young Women who got a nobel price for her actions for women through her country.

3 – Conclusion
In conclusion i would like to say that he evolution of people's mentalities helps to the evolution of the laws and finally to the women's rights. But the full equality does not exist everywhere. In fact some stereotypes is present and the women's right are not completed in the all world

This article could also be linked to the notion Myth and heroes with the actions of the women throught the world


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