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How Did The Explosive Growth Of Industry, Agriculture And Transportation Change America ?

Rapports de Stage : How Did The Explosive Growth Of Industry, Agriculture And Transportation Change America ?. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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America has experienced tremendous economic growth through industrialization of their economies

Three elements have allowed the evolution of America :

Part 1: Agriculture

The explosive growth of agriculture changed America. Indeed, the cotton became the major export commodity for the US.

In the west commercial agriculture began to appear, focused on the supplement of corn, wheat, cattle. The cotton has been cultivated since ancient time but while several years the cotton became rare and expensive because of hand labor. However a solution was found by the invention of Eli Whitney : the cotton engine or gin. The principle of this invention allowed to go faster and save time. So the cotton production increased strongly thanks to this machine.

Part 2: Transportation

The transport sector is growing thanks to the innovation of canals, steamboats, and railroads. They conquered time and space. The developing better methods of transportation was crucial to the growth of America.

The new roads was a transportation improvement which allows to stimulate the development of a national market for goods and services.

In 1820 the turnpike was replaced by water transportation as flatboats,or river steamboats, canal barges which transported cheap merchandises.

The steamboat is a boat powered by a steam engine, this is an ingenious invention. The steamboat dominated the economy, agriculture, and commerce of the middle area of the United States. The steamboats' major cargoes were cotton and sugar, along with passengers. The flatboats allows to market more wheat, corn, flour, meal, post, whiskey, soap and candles. The railroad has a head start on the canal and other form of transportation because it's economy speed and reliability. Moreover in 1845 appear a good invention in ocean transport with the first clipper ship: the rainbow. The communication was allowed the construction of turnpikes, canals,railroads...


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