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La vie de Bob Marley (texte en anglais)

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Among all the singers of the XXth century, little managed to mark the history, that is by their music, their character, or their fights. Is there a secret recip to become a legend? Bob Marley won this bet ...

I. A life to be told

Bob Marley was born in february, the 6 of 1945 in the village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish. His father was a white man and his mother was black and all his family was against the marriage of his parents and moreover against a child of this union. he faced questions about his own racial identity throughout his life : « My father was a white, my mother black and I was something between them. I don't dip on nobody's side. The only truth is in God. He created me as black and white man »

He has lived in Jamaica all is youth, with his mother and an absent father who died when he was ten years. The first years of his life took place in the countryside but it is forced to settle down in Kingston's ghetto which will become the birth'place of reggae.

His Fights

Some people used to reduce Bob Marley' message. Indeed, his image can sometimes be bad understood but the subject of his songs was against oppression and in favor of protestation, rebellion and freedom. He always used personal experiences to speak with good words about slavery, life in ghetto, the importance of history, politics, and everything that he want to denounce.

First, we can consider songs like "Concrete Jungle", "Slave driver", "Babylon system", "Buffalo soldier" or "Redemption song". All these songs are about slavery and the importance of the history. Bob Marley want to remember the slavery movement of 9,6 million of african people to new world. He wants people to stop to feel inferior and to affirm their origin, culture, and history.

Then, we can see that Bob Marley use to speak about his life, like million of people, in ghetto. He explain how to "survive" in Trench Town in different songs like "Concrete Jungle", "Burning and looting" or "No woman no cry". More than the life, he describes the unhappiness, the captivity, all manifestations and curfews, … But re-knows a nostalgia after its departure of the ghetto.

Finally we can say that Bob Marley was engaged in politics. Indeed he protested against corruption and called the population to choice the freedom. In 1976, he initiated a project of concert in favor of the peace but three day before, someone tried to kill him and the concert was cancelled. He choose to leave the country for England. Just after, he wrote a song about this story : «Ambush in the night». Indeed, he was really choked to be the target of an assassination linked with his music, his fights or his image.

Two years later, a concert in favor of peace was organized in Jamaica and many people asked him to come back. Bob Marley made of this concert a moment of anthology by calling on stage both representatives of the major politics party of the country.

In june, 1978, Bob Marley the United Nation gave him a peace medal of the third world thanks to his political and social contributions to Jamaica. He was invited for the declaration of independence of Zimbabwe in april 1980, which were really important for him. After his


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