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Places and forms of Power :

The exemple of the Gun Culture in America.

When we talk about power, we mean strenght exerted over others, whether it is physical, psychological or political. It also refers to a legal right.

The most relevant way to illustrate this notion would be through the theme of gun culture in America, simply because of the might guns hold in America, wich comes in many different ways, but mostly in the empowerment it provides to each american citizen.

But here, we stumble across a problem : What are the social consequence of this social empowerement ?

To answer this question, I’ll start by explaining the historical context, then I’ll talk about the social impact, and eventually I’ll

In order to prove my point, I’ll frequently refer to the documents you can find in my file.

I. The historical context.

First of all, it was the wish of the founding fathers of America, who were british prostestants who left their anglican country, to make sure that, when they drafted the constitution, liberty was the most important value. So, when they found loopholes in their Constitution, their solution was to create the 2nd Amendment, that would allow every citizen to buy and bear guns.

This served them well during the American revolution against the british armies, and then during the conquest of the west, in the second half of the 19th century, when they used their guns to fight the indians and to settle themselves in the whole country.

And last but not least, during the Civil War, when the states of the South went against the states of the North because of the abolition of slavery, the political unity of the nation was achieved through the use of guns.

So the whole US history, be it its birth, its expansion and its unity, is linked to the use of guns.

We understand that granting gun rights to American citizens might have been a good idea in the first place. Now we may wonder what type of consequences they have on today’s society.

II. Impact on today’s society.

Contrary to what the founding fathers wanted, guns appear to be more of a threat.

Indeed, guns are rather involved in unintentional shootings, suicides, personal revenge, school shootings, and even mass shootings.


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