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The Media No Respect The Private Life

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There's no denying that the media have invaded our society and among newspapers, quite a few of them are tabloids, not to mention reality TV and some Internet sites as well. Thus, you can see, hear and read about the life of unknown people as well as famous people in the show business, in politics or in sport.

In the gutter press, nothing is concealed from the prying of journalists, even insignificant details are given to the reader.

Some famous people are permanently under the public eye. Journalists tend to forget that they must not intrude on people's privacy and that private life can be defined as everything else but the person's job. Unfortunately, some journalists have no ethics and are ready to do anything to get material to be able to write trashy and disgusting articles. This is degrading for people and can be compared to a rape as people are quite often hurt morally. This is a shameful, distasteful and really disgusting attitude. Unfortunately, there is an audience for such newspapers or magazines.

Nevertheless, we must also acknowledge that some well-known people are in total agreement with journalists or photographers to organize events so as to have an article or a report about them published in the press or shown on TV.

To sum up, we may say that as long as photographs or articles about famous people are issued with their knowing about it and if these images have not been "stolen", the freedom of the press is compatible with celebrities' right to privacy.


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