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Dissertation : SEAT AND FORM OF POWER: FIREARMS IN THE USA. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Today, I'm doing to deal with the notion of seats and forms of power. Fisrt of all I'd like to give a definition of the notion. The terms Place denotes important building or institutions and Power is the ability to control others, events or ressources. The ability to make things happen despite obstacle or opposition. Also power is a way to regulate society throught laws in a democracy. However, sometimes used against commun interst throught violance and regulary challenged by opposition groups. In the USA you can buy a gun with the same ease as buying food, or with a gun you have a form of power because you can kill someone with one move.

So this lead me to wonder how would be the USA without the gun ownership ?

I will first reflect on the problem of mass shooting in the USA. Then, I will analyse how is it possible and finally I will show you some solution to reduce or stop the mass shooting in the USA .

To begin, have a gun in the USA is legal since 1791, it's write in the second amendment of the constitution but in every states the federal governement can impose laws to control the gun ownership but they can't forbid to have a firearm. For exemple in the Texas any adult it's allowed to carry a handgun in public since june 2015. So the first probleme of the easy access to firearm is the mass shooting, the perfect exemple is the Parkland shooting in the 14 february 2018. The video « Killer in our classroom in Parkland, never again » diffuse in BBC three the 30 august 2018 show the horror of school mass shooting. So we can ask how mass shooting happen, how some people can have the power to kill so many innocent people or kids.

Then, in the USA firearm is in the culture as show the video « A short History of America » appeared in 2002 and created by Micheal Moore. Amercian people are very attached to their gun. There is a very powerfull association who defend the second amendment against the people who are against firearm named NRA. For exemple after the Newton mass school shooting the CEO Wayne Lapierre delivered a speech and propose not to forbid firearm but to give firearm to the teacher like that they can defend the students. That's logic ! Finally we can note with internet study can buy gun with any kind of control. The article : «  Study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks » by Philip Rucker published august the 5 2013. He shows the easy acces to online sale of weapons with any control like that person who absolutly need a gun can buy a gun even if he doesn't have the right. So what's the solution to control or forbid the gun ownership and fight against the NRA ?

The USA governement try to fight against mass shooting. They create the background check. It's consist to control the criminal record or doing a psychology test like that they can have forbid a sell because a man is dangerous or crazy. During a speech Obama explain he works on law but he remind, us the Congress has repeatedly failed to take action and pass laws that would reduce gun violence. The problem in he USA is the fight against pro gun and anti gun and the NRA use his power to block laws who are against gun ownerships. So there is some solutions like sticter background check or more sanction against seller who don't respect the laws and sell gun at everyone.


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