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Places And Forms Of Power

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INTRODUCTION : The power is a right or an authority given or delegated to a person or a body. The notion of power generally implies a basic division between those who have and exercise power and those who have none or little of it. Me, I see the category two, those who have none power and I took like example Africa, whose is a country with again lots of difficulties about power.

On page 59, there is a photograph. We can see two people who are sit on a bench. At left, there is written "Europeans" and at right "blankes". White people don't want blacks are considered like them, so they don't want blacks are considered as humans, as normal people. This image shows the racism: in fact, at this period (at this time), Blacks aren’t admitted with Europeans on the beach because of the color of their skin. The photographer wants to show the differences between blacks and whites, and therefore racism and discrimination against blacks. It's a photograph to make people aware of segregation, and G.G shows his point of view.

This document, at the page 66, is a photograph where a black child is represented. On his tee-shirt, it is written "education of all". I think that the photographer wants to show with this photography that all people have right at the education. This image represents the period of Apartheid, when blacks children aren’t admitted at school.

Eventually, on page 75, there is a text. It’s an excerpt from novel A change of heart, written by Josh Archer and published in 2000. The excerpt tells the story of 2 men who have a crash. The black driver is dead, and the white driver needs heart : the wife's black decides to give the heart of her husband at white driver. This novel shows that blacks are generous and good people, the author struggles against racism and people who thinks that blacks are bad.

CONCLUSION : To conclude, these documents are against racism and they show, each at his manner. Showing racism, we see power is absent or imposed in few countries. Therefore, there are inegalities.


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