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Places And Formes Of Power

Dissertation : Places And Formes Of Power. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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So i’m going to present you the notion of « places and forms of power ». First of all i’m going to give a definition. The notion of power generally implies a basic division between those who have and exercise the power and those who suffer of it. This is a notion verry large which may contain a lot of diferent aspect like dictature, apartheid, the stolen generation ect. But now i’m going to develop some particular point.

II. Presentation

To start i’m going to explicate the case of The native. Our day this population is almost disappeared, on the way of extinction. They were the first inhabitant of America and Canada but when English started to colonized, they have been massacred and hunted. Nowadays chase away continues, because on the place they live there is a lot of oil and gaz. The native would like to rise their voices, they want to participate at the international economie and they want to be listen for it can Stop. But 5nation like USA and Russia disagree because of the money they win.

So here is a real power exercise on a population. It is an economic and social aberration of the 21 century !

In complete opposition, we can converse about machismo. This form of power is present in o lot of context, for exemple at the office, at home, in politics. Indeed, the difference of salary between men and women is sometimes doubled ! because women are stay consider as if they were more low and so as if they work hardless ! But in a household whereas women work, this is her who are doing the meal, who are clean up home. This is a contradiction with the fact that there is an increasing numbers of families where there is an HOUSEMEN !!

We studied this point of the notion in spanish class. It was a document where the men were on the sofa and was told her wife « eh, brings me my beer now i’m so tired of my day » and she was giving the shower to child, preparing the meal, clean up the bedroom with her work clothes !

So this is another sort of places and forms of power but a domination who shouldn’t exist today.

The last point i’m going to develop is The Segregation. The victory of Barack Obama in 2008 to became the first black president in USA is a big step all around the world after the long way against segregation. Segregation or Apartheid in South Africa was a racist political system where white exercised the power against black people, during 1948 to 1991. They were considered as worthless. We can take for exemple the movie « The Help » (La couleur des sentiments) where for exemple black wasn’t allow to go to the same toilet as the white because they were judged dirty and full of diseases. The white, also called Afrikaners, had the political power until Nelson Mandela started to fight against those unfairness. Nelson Mandela was one of the last person who thought for the community before himself, truely he past 27 years in prison for what he was believed ! But he wasn’t alone in the fight, others like Martin Luther King, Rosa parks, Malcom X participated in the way towards the freedom and the equality.

III. Conclusion

We can conclude by saying that there is a lot of different aspect in the notion « places and forms of power ». Some has evolded, others are more dangerous and amazing for our


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