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Lettre Fille Au Pair En Anglais

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Courte lettre "Chère famille :

Dear familly,

I love children I use to look after my niece who's 21 months old and i'm baby sitter for 9 month with a little girl who is 1 yeears old now.My english is not very good but I would like to go in a english class during my staying .

Présentez-vous :

My name is ... I'm 20 years old and i will be 21 years old in september.I live in Nantes but I'm brestoise.

I'm person responsable , smily and friendly.

Racontez s.v.p. pourquoi vous désirez travailler comme au pair

I decided to live in a family because i think that is the best way if I want to pratict english and I would like to integrate your familly to live with you day after day with your childrens

I was born in september 24th It's my niece she birsday in october 21th !

I hunderstand your question after the phone sorry !

I eat egs, fish, chees.... Just I don't eat meats because I love pets.

When I guard my niece I change her layer, I give the eat, to tacke bath , play with she , I row the toy....

I'm very serious and I was working my english !!!

The first photagraphy is my family : My brother he is firman, my aunt she is commercial, my father he is Commercial for the water, my mother she is nurse , my sister she go to school and my .

The second photo is mi little niece and after is my and my friend's .


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