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L'ours polaire sans-abri (document en anglais)

Rapports de Stage : L'ours polaire sans-abri (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The Homeless Polar Bear

Nissan makes in the classy and ecological ad with the new video of advertising for its Leaf car. Moreover, this commercial won at the last Emmy a price for the best commercial which put Nissan under the spotlight of creativity and intelligence. There are several reasons who makes this ad a success and that is what I an going to explain.

First of all, everyone who might saw this commercial would be agree with the fact that the ad is exellent, beautiful and clever. I can say that the commercial tells to the audience a story. The really two first set are clearly explicit about the message of the commercial which is the global warming ; we can see a slatactite who is melting slowly then an iceberg which collapses. Suddenly the polar bear appears on an end of ice floe, who is navigating on the sea. After that sequence we see the polar bear who is swimming to join the dry land, then the following parts of the commercial show us the bear walking in a forest, hiding under a bridge, walking again on the rails of trains (playing with a butterfly), still walking but on a freeway and by the night he finally arrives to a big city. The bear is exploring the street of that city which is empty in order to find some water because of his thirst ; While he is drinking a racoon join him. It is the morning, the polar bear is now in a street of a suburb when a garbage truch pass next to him. For the second time of the commercial (expect the first sequence), the next sequence does not start with a shot of the bear but with a man shot who is on the hallway of his house next to his Leaf Nissan car. By the time the man reachs the car door, the polar bear appears in front of him and stand up to hug him. The commercial end with this sequence with a message “Innovation for the planet, innovation for all.”

This commercial has a target audience which are the people who live in cities or suburbs. It’s clear that Nissan wants to sell his car but it is also clear that today, because of the increase of the gaz prizes and the long distances that we do everyday with our car (especially in the US), people who live in big cities or around want and need a small car and if it is possible an electrical car like Leaf. The commercial’s creators wanted to make the audience cry. They use a polar bear (which is the one of the cutest animal) who is homeless and needs help, and put on our mind this question “how we can help this wild animal ?” The answer is given at the end of the commercial, a 100% electrical car like the Nissan one. The message is that if you want to help all the animals stop using your polluting car, that hurt the polar bear, but replace it by our brand new, safe for the planet, product.

Now I am going to analyze the techniques the commercial’s creator used to convince the audience of their message. For the visual techniques, I will pick two examples : First, the sequence when the bear is on a piece of ice. The creators, to demonstrate the loneliness but also the distress of this animal create a track out (which is a movie effect) to show us how the icefield is big and how the bear just seems a little too small compared to this landscap. The message is quite clear with this shot, they desire to represent the immensity of the the Artic which is mealting because of us. Second, the sequence when the bear is walking on a freeway when a huge american truck pass next to


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