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Currently under pressure from social networks, television and therefore the cinema, we tend to live more and more in a society of images, where physical appearance and the pursuit of eternal youth are taking on significant proportions. Cosmetic surgery is a medical field that makes possible the permanent search for beauty and beyond embellishing the bodies and faces of ladies and men of all ages, it helps patients to feel better psychologically, by remedying complexes that can ruin their lives. In the last few years, increasingly individuals are letting themselves be operated, the esthetics market knows a huge growth on the world market and according to a recent study, the cosmetic surgery market has the potential to develop by USD 10.56 billion between 2019 and 2023, and the market’s development dynamics will accelerate throughout the projection period (Technavio 2019). Cosmetic surgery helps people who have problems with their looks, being one of the ways to change the appearance of the body. The essay will support the view that cosmetic surgery positively affects people's lives, notably to correct their complexes, particularly women in today’s world, or to rectify the disfigurement due to an accident, but also to rejuvenate and hide the age for the adults.


It was demonstrated that any surgical procedure involves risks that stem from the procedure itself. Cosmetic surgery procedures may result in complications starting from associate unattractive or unnatural upshot to scarring or maybe death. Apart from the general risks of surgery, there's regularly the possibility of problems arising because of anesthesia (Verywellhealth 2019)

Nevertheless, if we look with an open and wider eye, cosmetic surgery is beneficial for feeling better and filling those who want to be comfortable in their bodies. Therefore, cosmetic surgery is an effective treatment to avoid personality disorders or self-confidence problems.


To begin with, improving physical appearance is the main motivation for patients who undergo surgery. The goal is to make themselves attractive, to improve confidence and self-esteem. Everyone wants to be young and beautiful forever, especially women, who are even more likely to be judged on their appearance. Studies show that, in general, 85% of people undergoing reconstructive surgery are women and that most of these women will try to attract men (BBC 2016). However, television and the media are constantly showing reality TV programs that highlight cosmetic surgery, and these programs influence viewers' understanding and choices of surgery patients (Crockett, Pruzinsky, and Persing 2007). In addition, its new forms of media affect the desire in young women, especially those who spend a lot of time on social networks, and this need reinforces the effect of images representing aesthetic visual improvements. A survey was followed by a work in which her young women saw images of cosmetic facial improvements (Walker et al.2019). Thus, it can be said that social media such as Instagram or Pinterest play an important role in the practice of surgery, its networks create complexes for everyone. Nowadays, people who use networks want a selfie with smooth and perfect skin.


Secondly, cosmetic surgery aims to restore the integrity of the body and face, so that the person can rebuild themselves, physically and morally, after a misadventure or injury (NHS Plastic Surgery 2018). Imperfections due to an accident or simply perceived as such are difficult to live with on a daily basis. For example, Rebecca , a young girl with a benign blood vessel tumour that has obliterated her nose, and who has difficulty seeing, only her family gets used to her face and finds it special, however, the people around her demand that the child terrorises others and that something be done, hence the need for surgery. After the operation, everything normalizes. Adults behave more naturally, and children play more with other children (Ted Talk. Lain Hutchison 2010). In most cases, when people are involved in a serious car accident, the face is one of the areas of the body that can be seriously damaged. Airbags can cause lacerations, or a vehicle occupant's face can hit the windshield or dashboard if the airbag malfunctions. Victims can also be pushed outwards and crash into their faces (Mont lick &associates. Injury attorneys 2011). After an accident, victims can be traumatized, not only the body but also the mind have received a great shock. The appearance has changed and one often feels as if one has lost or changed one's identity. If a person's face or body has been disfigured in an accident, a plastic surgeon may perform reconstructive surgery and try to restore the face to its original appearance.


Concerning the elderly, more and more of them are choosing to regain some of their youth by undergoing plastic surgery procedures and are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them. For instance, individuals in their 60s and older will probably have the same concerns as those in their 40s or 50s, but the appearance will be much more pronounced. Therefore, surgical procedures will be more intensive such as neck lifts and fat transfer will be useful to restore a balanced and youthful appearance or eyelid rejuvenation (American society of plastic surgeons. 2018). Furthermore, cosmetic surgery within the senior is more and more sought-after which means that to reinforce the “aging gracefully” method. It’s been long celebrated that wanting higher supports feeling better, and through thoughtful and careful discussion with older patients, the operating surgeon is also ready to preserve and bolster certainty. By maintaining the World Health Organization they need to look wise, seniors are actuated to induce additional life out of their years (Scarborough et al. 2016). in contrast, as imperfections can be perceived as an identity in an individual, patients often hide their natural self-image by transforming themselves to the point where they no longer look like what they used to be, no longer needing to wear and endure for the rest of their lives the face or body genetically given to them by their parents. With rhinoplasties, implants and other procedural options, it is theoretically possible to change a look to such an extent that those unfamiliar with the person could not recognize it and it would require an enormous amount of surgery to completely change a face (Allen Aesthetic Surgery 2020). In short, humans are not easy to satisfy but the satisfaction of elderly patients who have undergone surgery can produce positive long-term psychological benefits and a better quality of life for them.


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