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Biographie de Pablo en anglais

Fiche : Biographie de Pablo en anglais. Recherche parmi 234 000+ dissertations

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Pablo was born in Argentina in 1962, his mother Micaela died during delivery, and his father had left just after that Micaela be pregnant.

His maternal grandmother took care of him until the age of three years old, then she abandoned him in front of a convent, Pablo was educated by nuns for several years.

During these years with nuns, he received a very religious education, but his desire for emancipation gained the upper hand over his religious belief.

At 17 years old, he fled from the convent with only some clothing and 1000 Argentine peso, not enough to survive long, his goal was to live the American dream.

Pablo has not lost any time to escape from Argentina to avoid nuns and police finding him, he took a bus to the north of the country and hitchhiking to Bolivia then in Peru.

In 1979, in Peru, Pablo had to work in a farm near Piura because he had spent all that remained to him money to get here while he had only slept in the street and ate in the garbage of restaurants, but he was still forced to work some time before reaching his goal, the United States.

At 19 years old, after working for over a year in a Peruvian farm,

he had put enough money aside to live some time in the united states and to take a clandestine boat towards Los Angeles in Guayaquil in Ecuador.

The travel was long, but when he arrived in Guyaquil, he took the boat and after one week out at sea, he arrived in Los Angeles. Once down there Pablo had to sleep in a shabby apartment in Compton and had to make little jobs not declared to survive.

In 1992, Pablo received the American nationality and was able to build his life normally, he has founded a family and he is now CEO of company in the silicon valley.


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