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Article sur la semaine d'affaire (document en anglais)

Cours : Article sur la semaine d'affaire (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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This document is an article of business week which is published on May 19th 2011. It’s about Red bull’s creator named Dietrich Hateschitz and his creation.

This first part is about Dietrich Hateschitz. First of all, we have some information about his identity. Actually we learn that he is 67 years old and he belongs to the upper-middle class. He became rich thanks to his creation Red bull.

Finally, the article talk about his personality, in fact, Red bull’s billionaire is considerate as a maniac because he runs his industry with an amazing energy. He is also considerate as a visionary because he has created a new category of drinks: Energy drink.

The second and last part is about Dietrich Hateschitz’s creations. First, in this article we learn that his most famous creation is also called “speed in cans” or “liquid cocaine”, and its sell was amazing in 2010. In fact 4.2 billion cans were sold. This kind of drink is the first to be sold, that’s why this creation is famous and very well sold. Thanks to this success, Red bull employed 7 758 people who earns very well their life because each employee earns $ 667 000 in a year.

Then, we learn that the customers of this energy drink are late-night partiers, long-haul trucker…

To finish with his creations we’ll talk about the Red bull Media House which gather all media of red bull. This platform product a magazine named Red bulletin, each Sunday this magazine is on the newspaper’s stands. Red bull’s Media House holds TV’s channels.


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