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Éthique des affaires (document en anglais)

Cours : Éthique des affaires (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer.

Many businesses have gained a bad reputation just by being in business. To some people, businesses are interested in making money, and that is the bottom line. It could be called capitalism in its purest form. Making money is not wrong in itself. It is the manner in which some businesses conduct themselves that brings up the question of ethical behavior.

In order to avoid this kind of problems, organizations take some measures as :

Taking care of the values and qualities that matter to customers, investors and stakeholder so they keep the same place in the marketplace. It’s called trust business.

We can also mention the important role of the employees in respecting the real mission of an ethic program, so organizations regularly communicate its values to them so they know what exactly expected from them in term of demonstrating fair, respectful behavior toward shareholders and suppliers.

Organizations also establish and support compliance goals around ethical processes, including processes as selection, training, and rewards and recognition. Indeed, they require that every employee attend ethics training and every new hire must go through an orientation program that includes an introduction to corporate values.

Many organizations with ethics programs have developed a code of conduct aimed at supporting employees in making ethical decisions on a daily basis. In addition, questions, policies, and practices related to ethics and compliance need to tie to the business plan and organizational vision.


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