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Compréhension oral: What is globalization?

Guide pratique : Compréhension oral: What is globalization?. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Compréhension oral: What is globalization?

The document I have just listened to is a video presenting globalisation, the title of which is "What is globalisation? "narrated by a man.

Firstly, this video starts with an example of globalisation illustrated by a red toyota video. This one explains us, that a car can be made almost anywhere in the world, illustrated with a globe and flags such as Japan for the wheels or the Czech Republic for the seat belts.

Then, this video still shows us around the globe, that world trade by only 260% (two hundred sixty percent)% in just 10 years, showing that in (one thousand nine hundred eighty-six), world trade reached about 2000 (2 thousand) billion US dollars and that in  (one thousand nine hundred ninety-six), it rose to 5200 (5 thousand 2 cents) billion US dollars.

Secondly, it shows us that globalisation is much more than international trade. It is a process by which countries around the world are moving closer together in a number of areas. Globalisation changes or even changes the vision of society by introducing us to distant and different cultures and enabling us to seek justice throughout the world. It affects the immigration of people, knowledge, people and jobs. He gives us the example of the United Arab Emirates or Canada, saying that (twenty one percent) of Canadians were not born there.  

She goes on to say that the main economic manifestation of globalisation is international trade, which can lead to knowledge and skills.

Globalisation has also helped the financial market and has led to the development of many world powers in history, such as Marco Polo in (one thousand three hundred six) and Colombus in (one thousand four hundred ninety-two). In a long-term perspective, it is obvious that financial power has defeated military power and he gives the example of China which became a great power more precisely at the end of the (twentieh century). It created a huge export machine and made its mark on many other industries in the world, such as the textile industry. By also illustrating globalisation is unstoppable.

In conclusion, through this video, we have been able to see how globalisation has evolved over the years, crossing many countries. It also shows us that this is an important element to know.

Furthermore, I agree with the journalist that globalisation brings countries closer together. It brings cultures and peoples closer together, openness to the world is increased, cultures influence each other, which leads to greater cultural richness.

Global competition can also encourage creativity and innovation, allowing companies to gain a competitive edge. But it also has drawbacks such as increased poverty and the relocation of jobs.


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