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Homework to do after watching the BBC News video on the two finalists

Cours : Homework to do after watching the BBC News video on the two finalists. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Homework to do after watching the BBC News video on the two finalists.

Focus on this extract from the article, that is on Layne Robinson's statement about Osowobi's Commonwealth Youth Award in 2019 and explain what the young Nigerian prize-winner did to deserve this award.

As Layne Robinson tells us, the Commonwealth Young Person of The Year award is used to recognize (in the media), young people who have contributed to their community (contributing for the future).

The winner of the award, for the year 2019, was Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi. Indeed, the latter has tremendously fight against sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

She, herself, a victim of sexual violence, survived, and decided to create the "Stand to End Rape" initiative, which aims to "support women, men and young people who have experienced any form of gender-based abuse".

Her initiative was founded in 2014, and contribute of women's sexual reproductive health right, and advocate against gender-based violence and provide medical, legal and psychological support. Through these actions, it has helped improve the condition of women in Niger to recognize the right, even on the issue of sex, which is still taboo there. She even encourages victims of gender-based violence to take the first step and stop being silent.

In conclusion, this young little known to the general public, despite everything contributed to his community, and in the future, more than a normal person would do, which gave him the right to the prizes.

Compare and contrast these three Commonwealth Youth Awards finalists. (make a list of similarities and differences in particular between the two 2020 prize-winners and Osowobi who was awarded her prize in 2019)

To begins, the two 2019 finalists, Galabuzi Brian Kembo and Sagufta Janif, are quite similar. Because they are both set up projects, which have a more economical aspect (transforming waste into furniture and decorative pieces, and manufacturing briquettes to recycle).

They are more economical, which is the reverse of Osowobi who has a more social project as we have seen above (Stand to End Rape intiative), even if they are social enterprises.

Then, the three people are similar in the fact that he helps disadvantaged people, victims of sexual abuse, single mother, unemployed person… In addition, the finalist and Osowobi are of African origin, which is not the case of Sagufta Janif, who comes from the Fijis Islands.

Finally, these three people are alike, because they want to get things done, for the environment, for sexual violence, for disadvantaged families. They do actions not for recognition, but to improve the present and have a better future.


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