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Mémoire : HOW FIRM CAN CONTINUE TO DO MARKETING IN FRANCE WITH THE EVIN LAW?. Recherche parmi 275 000+ dissertations

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Model 2.1 portraits (Katsanis; 1994) a controversial such as product recall there are different levels. / harmful products which are specific to the people which i do not want to speak clearly about them and they are a health hazard to people is considered to be a variety of the means The next category, a public / Hazardous; Which cigarettes, fur coats and rifles are included in the category. Talked about these products may be clearly and at the same time may be available to the public in the community. However is considered to be the most harmful. Cigarette; they are proven and guns to a health hazard that can cause the owners of a gun and hunting license (Vapenlagen; 1996: 67) since must have been in Sweden should not be here because of the focal spot. That the rights of animal fur although this is one of the most controversial products The third category / Special beneficial to treatment of irritation which Jock and vaginal infection includes products such as the treatment. These products are very special is considered to be a subject and if the advertised than ever before by people who usually feel uncomfortable to avoid the news you can say "sincere" cream ​​veya similar or to use the medical term for an example of the help people with their problems but has been used, these products are useful. The last category is the Public / Useful; weight loss treatments and products such as treatment of acne including also. Clearly communicate these products and may be announced. Same category rom, but the alcohol issue is open to the public but that more smoking is considered to be more society is only useful as the main reason for not completely not visible to the naked eye.

The presence of a public item thesis since the tobacco industry focuses on the word "controversial" (1994 Katsanis) model is configured as specified in the approved by the community to discuss but the marketing communications to consumers and retailers have varying restrictions related to its consideration of the damage. These restrictions are particularly in the legal and ethical issues related to the controversial products behind it to know more about the creativity to contribute to the post of marketing communications knowing how to treat.


The fermentation is a natural phenomenon: Meeting a fruit juice with ferments or cereals and water, honey, and water etc…

If this fermentation takes place more in a container and if the consumption of the outcome of this alchemy is done incidentally, you are the discoverer of one alcoholic drink! ! ! ! !

It must therefore be concluded that the use of alcoholic beverages is contemporary to the settling of the man: the Neolithic with the appearance of the agriculture and the invention of the pottery.

In other words, the discovery of this product is likely due to a bad storage of food products left in the rain for example! ! !

The "magic" of this drink was quickly controlled and its use reserved for religious practices divinatory, drug, nutritional and … There is that 10,000 years! ! !

The contemporaries of this discovery will quickly organize the production, consumption and its good rules, dissemination, the limitation and … the sacralisation … of the product.

The Greeks and the Romans (3 000 years av JC) know the art of wine-growing (selection of the plans, culture, size) of which we have a good descriptions in the Iliad and the Odyssey. They are also aware of the MEADS (Fermentation of honey) and the "Cervoise", ancestor of the Beer (drink of

Céres goddess of cereals). The ancient Egypt

Egyptian papyrus describe the steps of manufacture, the importance of the production and marketing of the beer and the wine.

The first appellation may date from this time with the seals indicating the origin of the drinks, good wines and the good years.

Egyptian history will bring another essential element: The fermented beverages is autopurifient, fermentation Eliminates germs and parasites and the doctors of the Ancient Egypt The will use to combat parasitic diseases including the bilharziosis endemic of the waters of the Nile. In the 17th century BC in Mesopotamia in the stele of Hammurabi, king of Babylon, includes uses of quality on the wine of dates and on the Prohibition of priestesses to consume before the sacrifices.

Ancient Greece Euripides playwright written Greek (408 bc) In The Bacchae: "There are two divinities which hold the first rank among men. One is the goddess Demeter, or the Earth - give him the name that you want - it is she who of solid Food nourishes the fatal. The other is placed hand in hand with it, it is the son of Semele (Dionysos) . He has found a beverage, the juice of the cluster and the has introduced among the mortals …" .

In some way … the bread (Demeter) … the wine (Dionysos) … and … non c is of delirium! ! ! Dionysos (Bacchus to the Romans): son of Zeus and Semele had a foster father and tutor Silène who was always drunk. It will increase its youth hidden in Egypt to flee the hatred of Juno , will learn to planting the vine and will be revered as the god of wine, Juno ends by the

strike of madness… His Worship will be a source of fantasy, the feast, the joy, inspiration in the mystical drunkenness. Morenon Rainaut and in their "course of alcoologie "write about

Dionysos: "his recourse to the alcohol seems to proceed to a course quite classical: cruel stepmother jealous, abandonnisme, foster father alcoholic and then terminal psychosis.

"The literature of this era is rich. It is notable that the concept of the "drink too much "evil view, a Socrates never drunk, Drink with moderation, awakening his spirit without excess of language, a

Plato prohibiting the wine before 18 years, the authorizing moderately up to 30 years and lifting any limit after the quarantine … (it must be said that the average length of life was not ours …).


The Romans take the relay (Dionysos becoming Bacchus) with the feasts of the Bacchanals feasts regulated.

The empire extending, exporting its uses, the vine and wine with success, this time becomes very expansive, producer and makes the consumption "more democratic". The wine becomes the support of Drugs (Cotton the former 234 - 149 BC) . The alcoolodépendance is described at this time.

The Christianity The Old Testament refers frequently to the use of wine. The first winemaker rest Noë who planted the vine as soon as the end of the flood (he had 600 years) and in action of grace, the sprinkled the blood of a lamb, of a lion, a monkey and finally a pork (we recognize here the effects of wine according to that in drinks little, a lot or too). He knew the drunkenness and the humiliation to be put naked in front of his sons, derision of one of their and the action of the other two which the covered with a mantle in walking backwards. The drunkenness only is a source of humiliation and not man. (Noë died in …950 years …) . Loth is also a symbol of the difference between the drunkenness between human dignity. When Sodom was destroyed, no possibility of human offspring could not exist, the survivors being Loth and his daughters. The latter enivrèrent and got from him a progeny. Loth, thanks to drunkenness had conscience" nor of its sunset or sunrise" (Genesis), therefore was spared the guilt of the incest. As well the human race could perpetuate in the divine moral. The New Testament brings another image of the wine. Between the first miracle of Jesus Christ at the wedding of Cana transforming water into wine and his last meal where the wine becomes the blood of Christ, the Christian religion has led to the passage of the wine at the pagan Christian wine. The expansion of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity will extend the culture of the vine.


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