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Gun control in the US

Dissertation : Gun control in the US. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Julien & Thibaut are discussing about gun control in US and and they both disagree.

- Hey Julien, have you seen the twitter trends? There is a debate on gun control. Most people are in favor of removing the law that legalizes weapons.

- But man, I never understood all these people there, they want to stop everything, to ban everything, but guns don't kill people, people kill people. So, there is no debate to be had ...

- Think again Julien, for example, Tobacco for a long time you could think that nothing was going to happen to them ... But nevertheless a few years later, it is forbidden to smoke in restaurants or even in airports ... I think we are not at end of our surprises and weapons can be banned in the USA.

- Hey man, you rave or what? We're not talking to you about tobacco, we're talking to you about carrying a legal weapon. Americans are no match against the National Rifle Association.

- Julien, are you fu**ing crazy? And if we were talking about women, every year they are abused and even beaten and about five women a day are killed by guns in the USA and you don't think that more gun control laws are needed to protect women from domestic abusers and stalkers?

- I didn't know you were so picky ... You take concrete examples every time, I congratulate you. But in the meantime that still does not answer my statement that I said before. It's a mental health issue, not a gun issue… The bad guys will be bad even without weapons...

- Oh, yeah, maybe. But more control will serve to reduce the number of people who die from guns and by the way guns are rarely used in self-defense.

- All right, guns are used just a bit in self-defense, if you like, but any changes to the gun control law will punish responsible gun owners… And there are already very strict laws on carrying weapons…

- Well, listen, I don't agree with you at all, and I don't see why people don’t want to ban guns in public places to prevent any kind of mass shooting... I know kids who have guns so maybe there are already strict laws but they're not respected!

- So, you’re saying that there are laws right now and you don't believe that in the neighborhoods, drug lords or small-time drug dealers are threatened by laws? I'm sure they don't even know that you can't carry a gun until you’re 18...

- Maybe but there is still a problem with this type of person, we must act and do something! And the only way to do that is to stop everything! Carrying a firearm must be against the law.

- But dude, you don't think a second about the consequences of your actions, Thibaut, come on, wake up!


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