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ANGLAIS PLAN   : Mythes et Héros

We gonna talk about Myths and heroes. Myth makes it possible to study the human condition through the figure of heroes, places or community. The study of the stories and heroes of the myths thus makes it possible to probe a collective identity. The myth is also temporally anchored in an era: over time, myths are updated or new ones are created. The hero is a character who may have existed or been invented, who has marked tradition, history or daily life. The heroes are legendary characters whose remarkable courage makes it possible to accomplish feats. Heroes and even superheroes can be found in fictional stories. Their adventures enthrall the crowds. What influence does heros have in our lives?

  1. Marvel heroes :  Comic Streeps by Stan Lee

Heroes that can be considered as modern Gods : Heroes that can be considered as modern gods. We can consider the gods of Greek or Roman mythology as Hercules or Ares as the ancestors of modern gods such as Thor, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Superman who is the perfect example. It represents the metaphor of immigration to the US, moreover it represents a rewrite of the story of Moses, abandoned by his parents adopted and raised by a civilization that is not his, which he will reveal himself to be the savior.

-Marvel heroes in our lives : Superheroes have been a very important place in the American propaganda, some, like captain america, were created especially for that. The majority of superheroes were also created to fight totalitarian regimes (Nazism, communism) or were involved in international conflicts (Vietnam War, World War, Cold War). They all represent the strength and power of America, democratic and liberating. The American people admired these heroes, who often represented the American ideal and the protector of the motherland, as well as the widow and the orphan. The Marvel universe has a very important influence on the economy. We find toys, disguises, clothes, wearing the colors of superheroes that we admire.



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