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Tennis, english

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My favorite sport is tennis. I learned to love this sport by doing it three years.

I love this sport because it’s an individual sport where there is an exchange with an opponent. I find it exciting because you should excel against an opponent (the slightest mistake can be fatal).

Tennis is an English adaptation of tennis. It was in 1874 that Major Wingfield devised the first rules of the game.

Tennis is a racket sport played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles).

The objective of the game is to return the ball to the other side in the limits of the tennis court marking the point by putting the opponent out of range or by forcing him to make a mistake.

The match is won by winning the most points, games and sets.

The player who serves must be placed behind the baseline and must send the ball over the net into the service area diagonally opposite.

During a game, here's how points are counted:

- zero: no points scored in the game;

- fifteen: for a point scored;

- thirty: for two points scored;

- forty: for three points scored.

When players have both forty, there is equality. The player who scored the next point gets an advantage. If the player who has the advantage marks another point, he wins the game.

It takes six games to win a set and three winning sets for win a match of men and two winning sets for win a match of women.

Nadal is also very efficient in the passing shots. His other main qualities are his endurance, speed, his playing defense and tenacity. His fighting spirit and his will to win explain his nicknames warrior and gladiator, but Nadal is also known for his fair play and kindness.

Today, he is classed n°2 player in the world.

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of qualities.

Physical qualities :

You need to have a good physical condition, agility, strength and endurance.

Some matches can be long and sometimes in direct sunlight.

Technical qualities :

You need to have the precision and control the movement and speed.

We must put the ball into the court and make as few mistakes as possible.

Tactical qualities :

You have to be able to use his strong points and hide weaknesses, but also detect the strong points and weaknesses of his opponent.

Mental qualities :

The mental is important. We must


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