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Myths and heroes : Does on have be famous to be considered a hero ?

Discours : Myths and heroes : Does on have be famous to be considered a hero ?. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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        Everybody people have his own idea for define a heroes. Some person to say " a hero must be courageous, make a dream, exemple we, brave but other peapole say " a hero are like everybody, is normal and don't have a super powers!". There are different type de heroes. I can put this question " Does on have be famous to be considered a hero?"

        For a first time i speak a heroes famous change the word with them idea and a second time I speack a heroes from every day that chnge a life for some people.

        Barack Obama can be considered like a hero: first president black in USA, for a minorité woman, middle class, youth, symbole of democratie, it stes up social security for americans.                                                                          Rosa Parks is a figure iconic for a fight against racail segregation, she became famous by not leaving her place to a white man in a bus.

        They are lots of heroes from every day. For exemple I see in a texte a little girl save this mom and she have 7 years old! This mom have a seizuren, directelly this girl have a reaction and decid to go a neighbor, call a 911. When the pompiers decid to go a hospital, a little girl take a mom wallet's, cell phone and she locked a door! This girl, at 7 years old save a life of this mom, she's a hero.                                I remember a story a soldier give life to save Afghan girl. This man, Dennis see a little girl play above road since convoy, he decid ti darted aroud a afghan girl. This soldier save a girl; but him strike and died later oh this injuries. Dennis give this life for rescue the little girl, it's a hero.

        For conclude, everybody have a idea for be a hero but everybody can be hero at one moment in this life. Be a hero of people is fantastic  because for they you inspire they, you mzke a dream, you are a people a follow.


        Cada persona tiene un idea de su proprio heroe pero, hay heroes comùn a todo el mundo.                                                                                 Puedo decir " es l os differentes tipose de héroes?"                                 En primero voy hablar de Fidel Castro, en secundo voy hablar de resistantes y por final voy hablar de los heroes de todo dia

          Fidel Castro es, por un partido de la populacion de Cuba, un heroe porque : figura de la revolucion (libertad), su idea era ayudar el pueblo; educar (education gratuita), mejorar el nivel de vida economica (del desemplelo), curar (medecina gratuita).

           Los madres de la plaza de mayo es un associacion de madres que perdido los hijos o asesinados durante la dictatura en Argentina. Oragnisacion unica de los humanos compuesta principalmente derecho de los mujeres, luchaban por recuperar a sus hijos, premio a la libertad de pensamiento.

              Por finir, hay a heroe de todo dia, puede es cualquiera, alguien que le ayudo, alguien que salvo su.

Espace et echange


        Thanks to this evolution, societies are constantly adopting aspects of the languages and cultures of other peoples and nations transforming the world as we know it.                                                                                 

Why the USA can be considered like a contry emmigration?                        

        En first time i explain a racial population in US and second time i explain emmigration illegal mexico/USA with explans of differently stories and why do migrants choose to emigrate.

        In US, they are more ethnic diversity with four major ethnics groupe : hispanic, black, asian and white.  Another group is important, the one composed of "mixes-races" people. ( the native Americans- indians, and native frome Hawai and Alaska). In US, the latino people are evoling, there is 1 in evering 6 indidual and 1 in every 4 children. Into 2000 and 2011 represented 55% the population growth.

        I see a cartoon representing Mexican immigraton to the USA. It represents the fence that was settled to illegal immigration. The fence separates the USAfrom Mexico. The immigrants have dug a hole under the fence. The mexiacans chose to migrate to get a bette education, jobs, free health care and free lemonade. They need free lemonade beacause they thristy (soif) as they have crossed the dessert.        Nelson Omar decid to go USA beacause this family this there, is crushed by the separation. He leave Guatemala with this grand mother, traversed the Arizona desert but they don't arrive in USA. They died in the Arizona desert.

        The migrants choose to emigrant for 2 factors:

_ push factors: because the war, to find a better job, better healt care, to be reunited with their familiy                                                                     - _ pull factors: making more money, offer better eductaion to your children, better healt care: acces medication, obtenir citizenship.

For conclude, there are diffenrtly reason to decid go in USA, every migrant want a better life for their and their childrens. The USA are a reception country. The immigrants have choser to fulfill their AMERICAN DREAM.


        Los espacios e intercambios se puede comparan a los diffent typos de turismos. Hay verdadera que hay mas diffents tipos. Cada persona tiene diferentes gustos por vacaciones, asi, differentes opciones acerca.  La problematica es " Cuales son los diffentes typos del turismo?"

        En primero tiempo voy hablar del turismo del sol y playa, en second tiempos voy hablar del turismo verde y para terminara voy hablar del turismo cultural.

                El tursimo de sol y playa es un tursimo de decontracta, los personnas passan todos el tiempos a la playa por bronzar, banar y profitar de sus vaccaciones. Ibiza es un destination por a tursimo sol y playa. Es un isla de fiesta, tenia muchos jovenes que hacer la fiesta todos los noches, mas un isla de fiesta es un isla tranquila los dias, tu puede ir en cricas muy guapa donde hay no gentes... calas paradisiacas


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