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Harry Potter, reading notes

Fiche de lecture : Harry Potter, reading notes. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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Physical attribut

Personality traits

Reactions/ attidute

Backround/ history

Surrounding/ belongings

How other characters perceive him

-Black hair

-Green eyes -lightening bolt scar on his forehead



Thin face

-knobbly -knees

-round glasses



-brave (he is not as much afraid as the others of Voldemort)



-he is intersed

-he is always respectful to everyone

- a little bit shy at the beginning when he was in the world of magic

-Knows how to keep is emotion (doesn’t complain when he sleeps son the floor or…)

-Harry Potter was the son of James and Lilly Potter.

-they use to live in a hiuse in the forest

-Voldemort killed James and Lilly Potter but couldn’t killed Harry, he just lived a scar on his face

-Man character of the story

-He goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizard

Live’s in a cupboard under the stairs

-a lot of gold in the his vault that is parents left him


-Dudley’s parents: they think Harry is not at the same level as Dudley “They didn’t want Dudley mixing with a child like that” (p.7 line 25)

Stage 2

What makes Harry a perfect protagonist?

Harry is the perfect protagonist because he is famous in the wizard world, his parents were famous and were killed by the chief of the dark magic (VOLDEMORT). Voldemort attempted to kill him but he failed and that make Harry even more famous. He is also the perfect protagonist because he is the one who is making advance the story and giving suspense to the readers. Without Harry Potter there no story. Harry Potter does not consider himself a hero, he doesn’t even know is own story. He took the same wand as Voldemort. There are many details (with Harry’s life, etc..) that make us one to read more.

Harry’s special power?

His Magical Abilities & Powers, Ranked:

  • Lycanthropy. Very simply, this power is the ability to turn into a werewolf - but it's involuntary. ... 

  • Veela Charm. ... 
  • Magical Resistance. ... 
  • Parseltongue. ... 
  • Legilimency And Occlumency. ... 
  • Seeing. ... 
  • Wandless Magic. ... 
  • Apparition.


His inner felling and concerns?

His evolution?

This quotation from Chapter 5 “a large balloon was swelling inside him”


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