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For or against school uniforms?

Discours : For or against school uniforms?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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For or against school uniforms ?

This is the question we will detail.

School uniforms, some love them, some hate them, it’s really something that divides people and seems to be a big rift between school uniform supporters and those against school uniform.

In a first part, we’ll see the arguments for wearing a uniform

In a second part, we’ll the arguments against

In a third part, i’ll give you my opinion on it

And we’ll finally make the point of what we saw.

First of all, uniforms were previously worn by helpless children in charity school.

Uniforms then became compulsory to avoid any religious and social distinctions.

For the boys, the uniform is composed of dark pants or Bermuda shorts for the summer, a light shirt, a tie and a jacket in cold weather.

For girls: the top is generally the same, only the bottom differs by a skirt or a kilt.

Now let’s see what are the main arguments of people in favor.

The uniform allows them to make a sense of belonging to the school, close to pride.

It encourages team spirit, the uniform being like the jersey of a football team.

It facilitates the identification of possible intruders within the school.

It erases any social distinction between the students, and avoids some mockery harmful to their development.

This creates a disciplinary atmosphere that is useful for everyone's success.

Faced with these arguments, people against wearing a uniform react.

Their main argument ? School is a place of responsibility where the child must learn to respect the common values of the Republic.

But one of the peculiarities of the Republic is diversity.

By being in uniform, the child won’t learn the concept of difference.

It could even hamper the development of his personality which he will be afraid to affirm

In addition, the relatively high price is not without consequences for the family budget of many households.


Some schools claim to want to avoid distinction by brands, and yet impose brand uniforms, which can be more than costly, and discouraging families with modest incomes from enrolling their children.

In addition, social differences are not going to be swept away by simply wearing a uniform.

There is only a piece of tissue playing a marginal role.


As we could see, wearing a uniform can avoid many conflicts, while creating new ones.

Despite the many benefits,


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