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Dialogue "For or against firearms"

Discours : Dialogue "For or against firearms". Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Tâche final anglais : For or against firearms ?

Hugo-”Excuse me guy, since this morning I walk in the New York streets and I can see many peoples who are carying weapons on them, i'm in hollidays and in france where I live we are not allowed to bear arms on us.”

Corentin-”Oh… Hey guy! You know, you’re actually on the US country, and… firearms are legal in most states. You come in holidays in New York and don’t know the NRA?”

Hugo-”What ? NRA ?”

Corentin-”The National Rifles Association, you know the 2nd amendment to the US constitution in 1791, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, this association defend the fact to bear arms to protect themselves against criminals attacks.”

Hugo-”I heard about it during the US elections, due to this, you are one of the most dangerous country, your children are 17 times more likely to be murdered by firearms than in another country.”

Corentin-”But Sir… You are aware that it is not weapons that kill people, but how people use them ! From my side I always had a weapon on me but I never used it because I’m a person like you”

Hugo-”So a it's a joke but buy rifles like bread each morning, it's not common there are accessible for every one !!!”

Corentin-”No! You must have 21 to buy weapons and ammunition. Moreover, firearms are in our culture since a long time. Recently, a study performed and proved that there almost 90 weapons per 100 people in the united States!”

Hugo-”What the Heck !!! it's impressive ! In my oppinion if guns are restricted, we would feeld good when we hang out”

Corentin-”Yes sure, it was inculcated in the habits of the US population. For me it's just a fact, a mentality that the Americans to walk around anywhere with a weapon”

Hugo-”Oh thanks for your explications, i'm  reassured !!!it will not shock me more to see this in the street.”

Corentin-”No problem guy, If ever you have other questions don’t hesitate, meanwhile spends a good day.”

Hugo-”Thanks have a nice day too, bye !!”

Corentin-”See you soon !”


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