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Discours pour un freak show discrimination

Discours : Discours pour un freak show discrimination. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

Par   •  3 Octobre 2021  •  Discours  •  253 Mots (2 Pages)  •  433 Vues

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Gentlemen, Ladies, I'm happy to join with you today for the greatest show you ever seen in your all life. I'm convinced that you're dying to meet the mysterious, the strange, the extraordinary Joseph Merrick and now, I want you to consider this incredible opportunity. But who is really Joseph Merrick? Who is this particular man? Oh! You know, this poor boy lost his mother so early. The legend says that his deformity coms from the moment when an elephant frightened his mom in Leicester when she was pregnant with him. But he really started to become an elephant man at about 20 months. What a disruption for the parents! How terrified they must have been! But I assure you that he found a job in Victorian workhouses. How a dear boy !It was so terrible for him !It was a sort of prison !But now, you're here for him !This night, if you want to cry, you are in the right place, if you want to laugh, you're in the right place, if you want to see unfairness, to be surprised, to feel anger, disgust, pity and to enjoy to be here, you're in the right place to discover the elephant man : the single Joseph Merrick !

But do you know what is the most incredible for me? The elephant man is the happier man in all over the world because you’re here for him this night for the most beautiful show you ever seen. See you later for this incomparable night.


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