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Commentaire de texte - When posh people go to Lidl

Commentaire de texte : Commentaire de texte - When posh people go to Lidl. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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This video whose name is “When posh people go to Lidl” ,is a extract from an interview by British TV channel “BBC Two” about Lidl supermarket. In this video, the BBC TWO journalist and Julian Cook, a sick of Lidl are talking about the discount supermarket. The journalist said that the British middle class shoppers who were going shopping in major supermarket chains like Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, come to Lidl. Julian Cook, him said that he found that funny, do shopping in Lidl, that the different article are not well placed in the supermarket like find camping stoves beside the peanut butter. But now, after many people go to Lidl, no one wants to go back. Lidl is supermarket and a german distribution company since 1930 and present in twenty-six countries in Europe with 11,463 stores including 3,277 in Germany, country of birth.

Indeed, this interview is humorous, whose goal is to make people, viewers laugh. Furthermore, we see that BBC TWO journalist and the client are ironic during the interview, like when he said that go shopping in Lidl is a adventure, like a travel to a parallel world. More we hear people laughing several times.

In my opinion, the interview is so funny and hilarious. I sometimes go shopping to Lidl and I confirm that the word of Julian Cook, the different items and shelves are not tidy. But, we can’t blame Lidl, this discount supermarket is great the items are not expensive.

Indeed, this video can be provocated the rish peaple who read or view this video.


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