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Spaces and exchanges : how have Ireland's economy impacted migration?

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges : how have Ireland's economy impacted migration?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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In order to begin my presentation about Spaces and exchanges, it will be necessary to define what power means. Nowadays, the different spaces of the world are more and more connected to each other. Exchanges can take on many forms : people, trades, informations. I’ll show you how ireland's economy impacted migration ?                                                                                

I will present this notion chronologically with document studied in class.

-In the first, thanks to the tryptich entitled « Emigrant Journey , National Journey » painted in the 1960 by the Irish artist Bernard Canavan we can explain Ireland’s past at the remain until the 1990 .                                                                                                                                                      

This painting is divided into 3 panels . In the first panel people who are visibly poor are about to leave their village , in the second same men and women are walking along a muddy road in the middle the Irish countryside , carrying suitcases and in the last panel they have just arrived with a corwd of people in a big city maybe London. These people must be emigrants who have come to there to find a job. The evolution of coloring may convey an idea of sadness and hard times in Ireland whereas in the second and third panel the green and yellow suggest a glimmer of hope and a brighter future . This paintaing is the illustration of irish immgration their homes to go to anotheir country ( Britain , America , Australia ) ti find a better future. When »s looking at this painting . I understand these people didn’t have the choice , they had to leave. These emigrants needed to pray to be helped during their journey .

-Indeed i saw in class two videos about ‘ Irish immigration’ , showing how the ‘ Potato Famine in the mid-nineties , drove a lot of Irish people away and ‘the coffin ships’ explaining how the Irish sailed to the USA and how they were welcomed there .

As a conclusion, we can truly say that Ireland is representative of this globalized world in which we live, a world made of exchanges which link the spaces together of economy and immigration .All flows are linked together : trades, people.


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