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Seats and Form of Power : can we trust participatory journalism ?

Cours : Seats and Form of Power : can we trust participatory journalism ?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Nowadays people don't get the information from media only, today the public became part in the production of news, with smart-phones and social media, it’s an easier way even respective media use it.

But can we trust participatory journalism?

This question creates debates in our society, on the one hand, people no longer trust media or journalists anymore, they put their trust on what they may see on social networks, making their own opinion about events that happened and on the other hand, people do not trust what they see on social networks and have more trust on what real journalist says.

Little by little our world is changing people don't have time to watch TV or read newspaper. Thanks to new technology we can have the news of every single country on our phones and laptop. But with new technology something new got developed; people no longer trust media they suspect them of manipulating the informations, selecting what is important and what isn't. Let’s take as an example what is happening in Syria, media are dealing with numbers, they speak about MIGRANTS. It’s rare to hear them talk about the atrocities that the population is leaving with. Whereas when you go on any social network such as Twitter or Facebook, people take post videos react to others, give their opinion criticizes. It's way better you have the pure information, you can make your own opinion, agree and disagree with what people react debate there is no need for a journalist here you are your own journalist.

Unfortunately participatory journalist has drawbacks; people may use it to manipulate too creating rumors about events that didn't take place, creating a buzz, wanting attention. Some people don't understand when someone on Facebook posts something which is ironic or sarcastic they take it seriously. Some others use social networks to lie and make people believe in what they are saying, while it's actually just lies.

We need both to nowadays watch or read press online, read blogs to see what people think of what happen, one can't work without another with social networks now even respective press and participatory journalism are needed and you can read both seeing the same fact treated by a real journalist or a participatory journalist help you to take distance and make your own opinion. Everyone is free to comment on what is happening and each of us is free to read it or not.


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