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Resume "Just the end of the world".

TD : Resume "Just the end of the world".. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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                                               TOPIC 2  : THE PROJECT :

We’ve been asked to do an English project, which requires us to listen, speak and write in English. I will not really speak, with my project, but there it is. My project is a film critique about the movie “Juste la fin du monde” is a 2016 Canadian-French drama film written, edited and directed by Xavier Dolan. (“It’s only the End of the World” English title). The movie is based on the play with the same title made by Jean Luc Lagarce. The movie is about Louis, a ill writer who returns home after 12 years of absence to announce his  death to his family. A family reunion with his mom, sister, brother’s wife and brother.

So before starting to talk preciously about the movie, we need to mention the film director and his work. Xavier Dolan made just before “It’s only the end of the World” a movie called “Mommy”, this movie has been a total masterpiece for the modern cinema, the film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize. It became a financial and critical success. After that one enormous movie, every single person which are appreciative of Xavier Dolan’s work were asking “How he will do next time? How can he possibly do something better?”

Mommy really ripped my heart out of my chest this movie has been one of the biggest emotional adventure I had with a movie, Dolan has setting high standard with that

One, can he do it again ? That was the biggest challenge, he had I think, coming back with another movie in less that one year after mommy. And He did it. For the first time Xavier Dolan didn’t choose his usual cast with people of Quebec, but French actors. And I Have to admit that I’d really enjoy it, because we have to know that Xavier dolan is a director who really push his cast to no returns to express themselves and be unhesitating, unforced. I really realized that with Marion Cotillard, I didn’t liked she’s way of acting before, I thought it was kind of repetitive and with not much interest. But in that movie, she play the wife of Louie’s brother, so that made her the only character that Louie never seen before so the only character that He don’t have to react in special way, because he didn’t know her and that’s why the bound between them are so strong, during the entire movie we have this feeling like if Catherine (Marion Cotillard’s character)  knows everything about the sad truth Louie’s coming to tell she catch my breathe, she was touching and something in her moves in her look make me reconsidered the opinion I’ve got on Marion Cotillard’s acting before. The others actors are stunning too, the mother played by Nathalie Baye seems innocent and a bit stupid at first sight but then we really get to enter in her mind and discover that finally she knows everything about the stories her kids think so secret. The first image of the naïve and superficial mum is transformed a million times. With every character Xavier Dolan succeed to show us that every characters doesn’t have one way to be seen to be understand. It’s really a kind that I’d called “real life cinema” , in real life everyone got many faces and many don’t want that faces to be seen by others, but with that way of playing Xavier Dolan make us feel confortable with every character and sometimes makes us identify ourselves with them.


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