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Politics of Australia

Dissertation : Politics of Australia. Recherche parmi 254 000+ dissertations

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The politics of Australia take place within the framework of a federal constitutional parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Concretely, Australia is divided into 6 states and various territories as you can see on the map: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Australia.

Since Australia is a constitutional monarchy, it is still headed by a Queen: Elisabeth II and she’s currently represented on the country by the governor Quentin Bryce. In practical, the most influential person is the Prime Minister, who is Julia Gaillard (the leader of the Australian Labor Party)

In Australia, voting is compulsory if you’re over 18, both at federal elections and at elections for the state and territory legislatures, and every enrolled voter who failed to vote is asked to explain why, if he doesn’t have any satisfactory reason, he will have to pay a 20 dollars-fine.

The main political parties are The Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Liberal Party of Australia (LPA). The first one is a democratic socialist party whereas the second one is more a centre-right party.

Concerning the Trade Union in Australia, the largest body representing the workers is named ACTU which stands for Australian Council of Trade Unions and it is composed of 46 affiliated unions.

Finally, Australia has always known a stable political situation since its independence.


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