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Phrasal Verbs List

Cours : Phrasal Verbs List. Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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Phrasal Verbs List


Verb Meaning Example

ask someone out invite on a date Brian asked Judy out to

dinner and a movie.

ask around ask many people the same


I asked around but

nobody has seen my


add up to something equal Your purchases add up to


back something up reverse You'll have to back up your

car so that I can get out.

back someone up support

My wife backed me up

over my decision to quit my


blow up explode

The racing car blew up

after it crashed into the


blow something up add air We have to blow 50

balloons up for the party.

break down stop functioning (vehicle,


Our car broke down at the

side of the highway in the


break down get upset

The woman broke down

when the police told her

that her son had died.

break something down divide into smaller parts

Our teacher broke the final

project down into three

separate parts.

break in force entry to a building Somebody broke in last

night and stole our stereo.

break into something enter forcibly

The firemen had to break

into the room to rescue the


break something in

wear something a few

times so that it doesn't

look/feel new

I need to break these

shoes in before we run

next week.

break in interrupt

The TV station broke in to

report the news of the

president's death.

break up end a relationship

My boyfriend and I broke



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