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Phrsal Verbs

Mémoire : Phrsal Verbs. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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Account for = represent, form, compose, are


• Bags account for 60% of the products we sell.

• Tomatoes account for 15% of the vegetables we produce.

• Girls account for 60% of the students in our school.

• Women account for a large percentage of our clients.

• Young people aged 18 to 35 account for the majority of the unemployed.

• Food products account for about one third of a family 's expense

ADD UP (2), SET UP (3)

Add up = accumulate, gather little by little and gradually become a lot


• Mary washes cars, cleans houses, irons people's clothes for money, and babysits. With all these kinds of work money adds up and it is almost a regular salary.

• Money can’t add up if you keep spending all the time.

• Since my mother moved in with us, I 'm afraid our problems have added up.

• If you save some Euros every week you’ll see how quickly it adds up and you’ll be able to buy that motorcycle.

• He spends a lot on food, a lot on his amusement, a lot on drinks. By the end of the month when he receives bills too all expenses add up and he is left broke.

• First, he was rude to me. Then he started making fun of me in front of others. Sometimes he teased me for my accent. It all adds up and now I don’t want to see him anymore.

set up = build, put something in a place


• After the accident the police set up roadblocks on the road.

• They should have set up a STOP sign here. It 's really dangerous.

• The government set up tents for the people who were left homeless after the earthquake.

• The Town Hall set up a medical unit near the block of flats that had caught fire.

• When we reached the top of the mountain we set up a flag.

• They set up a new branch of these clothes stores in our city.

• Could you please set up your videocameras over there? You 're blocking the light here.

• We set an iron fence up all around the garden


Argue with (somebody or something) = disagree


• -He is not very helpful, is he?

• -I can’t argue with you on that! He has never wanted to help me with anything.

• -It is an expensive dress but it is of high quality.

• -You can’t argue with that price for such a good dress.

• -It wasn't such a good movie after all.

• -I couldn’t argue with you there! It was rather boring.

• -No, dad, I 'm not going to clean up now! I 'm busy!

• -Don’t argue with me! Do what I tell you!

• Don’t argue with him! He thinks he’s always right anyway!

• Never argue with stubborn people!


Clutter up (with something) = fill a place with too many things


• The children have cluttered up their rooms with toys.

• Don't clutter up your office with paper.

• Why is the floor cluttered up with magazines?

• When Vicky cooks, the kitchen is cluttered up with plates and cups.

• Your boxes and suitcases are cluttering up the hall and we can't get to the door.

• My mind is cluttered up with bad memories.

ask for something = tell someone to give me something


• He asked for my phone number! Do you think he is going to call me?

• I asked for a rise but the boss said he will think about it.

• She asked me for help with her homework.

• He asked me for money to make a phone call.

• I went to the Town Hall to ask for information about the town.

• She asked Santa Claus for a ponny!

• He is a nice man, hard-working and considerate. You couldn’t have asked for a better husband!

• You’re healthy and you have a beautiful family. What more could you ask for in life?


Boil down to = is the most important thing


• In the end, what it all boils down to is money. So, if you don't have it, forget your plan.

• When you buy a product, it always boils down to quality and cost.

• What it really boils down to is the fact that I cannot marry him.

• What it boils down to is that you just don't believe me.

• My advice boiled down to this: always put your family first.


knock about = knock around = hit a lot


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