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Oral d'anglais, idea of progress: to what extent the world hqs evolved?

Fiche : Oral d'anglais, idea of progress: to what extent the world hqs evolved?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Oral Anglais :

Idées de progrès :

I have drawn the notion "Ideas of progress", an idea of progress is a transformation towards the best in a particular field, evolution towards a satisfactory result, evolution of humanity, of the civilization.
Nowadays, the world has evolved in many areas.
The question we ask ourselves in order to study the notion is to what extent has the world evolved?
To answer the question we will see the evolution in South Africa in relation with South Africa and the fighting of people such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutuand and their fight against apartheid.

Apartheid is a political system that prevailed in South Africa from 1911 to 1989. It is an extreme form of institutionalization of racism. Based on racial segregation, this system gave the white minority, 30% of the population, full political and economic power over the black population.

Apartheid has led to laws such as the prohibition of mixed marriages or a separate development. Indeed, one tenth as much money for black peole education as for white.

Then Nelson Mandela fought for an equal and democratic South African society against apartheid. He was e leader of the African National Congress. Because of the actions of the ANC, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. But the government legalized the ANC in 1991 thanks to the support of the South African population. It was also in 1991 that Frederik De Klerkmet ended apartheid.
Nelson Mandela will be elected first black President of the Republic of South Africa in the country's first multiracial elections in 1994. This is proof of enormous progress.
In addition, the Truth and Reconciliation Community, founded in 1995, of which Desmond Tutu was the president, is an organization that wants to change the mentalities and the history of South Africa and apartheid now over. People had to confess what they did in front of their victims and then, the victims could forgive them :it was a way to forget the past, to move forward, to progess.

To conclude, we can say that the world has evolved, indeed, South Africa is the perfect example of the evolution of the thoughts of humanity. I think we can consider Neslon Mandela as a man of progress. Through his commitment and struggle, the world has evolved and this should remain a very important life lesson. Unfortunately, the symbolic significance of this event should not mask the persistence of strong social inequalities between white and black people.


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